The Bee's Knees

Barfield Early Childhood Center November 2019

Principal's Message

I know we are officially in the holiday season because Hallmark Christmas movies are playing on a loop in the Garcia household. The holidays are an especially fun time at Barfield, not because I get relief from those movies, but because of our students! Experiencing the wonder and joy of the holidays with 3, 4 and 5 year children keeps us young at heart. With the excitement and anticipation of the holiday season, the remainder of the first semester will really fly by now.

By the end of the first semester, Wright Construction intends to have our addition under roof. Once the construction on the exterior is completed we will be able to open the road behind our school. Until then we will continue to use our modified traffic pattern. We appreciate your continued patience! Also appreciated is your attentiveness while dropping off and picking your children. Keeping our students safe is our first responsibility and we appreciate your help with that. Refraining from using your phone and focusing on the signals from BEC staff and the flow of traffic is greatly appreciated. We try our best to keep traffic moving to reduce your wait time. Conversely, if you are running late and the traffic lanes are open, please proceed at a slow speed. Construction vehicles and personnel are often moving around our parking lot.

The addition is taking shape and our excitement continues to grow! Below are a few pictures of the current state of our addition.

Important Dates

11/1 No School

11/7 BEC PTO Meeting 6-7 pm

11/7-9 BEC PTO Fundraiser @ Cookie Cutters ( 6311 Ronald Reagan Dr. 636-265-0151)

11/13 Parent Group: Will I Ever Sleep Again 5:15- 7 pm

11-27- 11/29 No School

Staff Spotlight

Hello! My name is Angie Basse and I am the Assistant Director at the Barfield Early Childhood Special Education Center. This is my 26th year working for the Wentzville School District with 25 of those years in the early childhood special education program. I graduated from what is now the University of Central Missouri with both my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Speech-Language Pathology. Before becoming the Assistant Director, I was a Speech-Language Pathologist in the ECSE program providing speech and language therapy services as well as evaluating students for communication delays. I also served as the program’s Special Education Department Chair for 23 years. It has been so exciting to witness the growth of our program through the years! Together with our amazing staff of dedicated professionals, we have been able to develop an early childhood program that facilitates the growth of our district’s youngest students in preparation for their transition to kindergarten.

Outside of my early childhood world, I love hanging out with my family and making memories. My husband, Vic, and I have four children: Hannah, Drew, Lauren and Ellen and a sweet chocolate lab, Riley. We spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors at our family farm, cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, attending concerts, and traveling during the summer.

Big picture

From the Nurse

As flu season is fast approaching, we wanted to share some tips that will help you and your family stay healthy!

  • Get your flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and your family from the flu. Remember, it can take up to 2 weeks for the flu vaccine to take effect.
  • Wash your hands! Don't touch yours eye, nose, or mouth without washing your hands first.
  • Eat healthy meals and get plenty of sleep. These healthy habits will keep your immune system in fighting shape!
  • Avoid close contact with people that are sick. Clean and disinfect surfaces that people often come into contact with.
  • Stay home if you're sick! If you have flu-like symptoms, stay home until you are fever free for 24 hours.

Counselor's Corner

Halloween has passed which means the busyness of the holiday season is upon us! It is a time for families to come together, spend quality time, and make memories ...but let’s be honest...some years it just feels like it takes all of our effort just to survive it all! The holidays also bring a change in routine at home and at school. Adults plan fun holiday activities for kids but these things typically mean schedule changes, unexpected behaviors from adults, and crowds of people. These things can be stressful for kids. On top of that, sadly, our stress can also cause kids to feel even more stressed. But what can we do? How can we create traditions and special occasions during the holiday season but keep our sanity...and the sanity of our children? Here are some ways to help you and your family cruise through the holidays one smile at a time!

  • Remember the importance of routines - Kids THRIVE on routine. Plan fun adventures. Go to special places. Bake treats together. But keep in mind bedtimes and meal times as you plan out the activities. If a school concert or holiday party keeps your family out late, try to stick to calm activities the next day and a timely bedtime the next night.

  • Schedule in some quiet time - Quiet, down time with your child is very important. Read a holiday book together, watch your favorite holiday movie, or spend time completing a craft to hang on the tree. It doesn't matter what it is, but the calm, quiet time is beneficial to reduce anxious feelings in children during busy times.

  • Get your child moving - Fresh air, exercise, and free play are all good for the spirit and for lifting a bad mood!

  • Set a calm example - Keep things relaxed. If you are stressed, your kids will feel stressed too. One of the best things you can do for your child, to decrease their stress during the holidays, is find a way to cope with your stress and anxiety. Keeping your mind and body healthy will benefit your kids too!

Library Notes and Reminders

Our “Arctic Adventure” book fair was a big success! We had a total of just over $5,000 which is our highest total to date. In addition to your personal purchases, we earned $711 from our All for Books coin drive and register donations. We were able to buy a lot of new books for our library with your generous donations! Thank you to all who were able to attend the book fair and Haunted Halls!

Please make sure that your child/children bring their library books back each week. Once they have 10 stickers on their personal bookmark, they will get to pick a prize from the treasure chest!

Mitten Tree

Families are invited this holiday season to take part in the "Mitten Tree" at our school. Every year Barfield Early Childhood Center takes part in the “Mitten Tree” to help support the Holiday Assistance Program, a district-wide program to assist families within our Wentzville School District during the holiday season. This is a community wide effort to help those in need for the holidays. If you would like your child to select a mitten in order to give a gift to a family in need, complete and return the form that is sent home during the first week of November to indicate that you want to purchase a gift and participate in this opportunity to give. The "Mitten Tree" will be set up at school from November 18th through December 10th. All gifts given to the Mitten Tree are due back to school no later than December 13th. This is such a great lesson on the art of giving for all!

Haunted Halls Pictures

Halloween Pictures


PTO had another fabulous month with all of our students! We are so thankful for each and every volunteer we had this month. Things would not be possible without the time, effort and financial backing from our families. Fundraisers are done throughout the year for this very reason, so we can offer free events & donate amazing gifts to our school. We were able to purchase a lot of fun things this month, we will discuss it at our November meeting! Haunted Halls was a very fun evening for everyone and we loved seeing all of the costumes. We look forward to the other events we have planned this year. We hope to see you at our November meeting.

-Lauren Kalhorn, president