Japan Project

By, Rocco J ,Zarcone

The Japanese history of the Samurai

The samurai is a ancient Japanese warrior. The job of these feared warrior was to protect the emperor and to be the body guard of any visiting leaders on of the best things about being a samurai in Japan was being treated like royalty like a solider or police officer in today's time.


The samurai was a warrior for the Japanese people there government is called feudalism This consisted of a emperor, 2-4 secretary's or Vice Presidents, samurai's , merchants and peasants and artisans were all at the bottom.

Climate and geography

In 2011 there was a terrible earthquake in japan there was also a bad tsunami that swept away the large cities in japan there was a death toll of 15,844 there were 6,148 injured and 2,633 not found in the after math of the earthquake and tsunami. Tsunamis are generated by little earthquakes in the ocean. The waves can sometimes move at 900 miles an hour. In japan they have vast mountain areas in that cover most of japan.


Shintoism is a religion for Japanese people who practice the religions and the elements of the gods and sons of gods of other worldly spirits. So tipicly people practice a religion that has to do with a god and there no used to worshipping the earth and elements of the earth such as fire ,wind ,water , and earth such as rock or trees grass any thing. There people are usually spiritually in tacked.

The Current events of Japan

The school systems in japan don't believe in educating there students in the theory or having a by-lingual type of culture so many American school teachers heared about this great ordeal so there quitting there teaching jobs to move to japan to teach the Japanese students at a young age how to speak English. This is helping many Japanese children for there adult hood this can help them with there job applications.