Classroom 2.0 Live

Infusing Technology with Common Core

Things learned from this webinar....

1) The easiest way to motive 21st century learners in
through the use of technology in your classroom.

2) Not only are there numerous Common Core resources for teachers, there is a vast amount of Common Core resources for parents as well.

Pinterest, Edmodo, and other social media are beneficial for both students and teachers.

4) There are numerous ways to implement technology in your daily schedule that will make your life easier and the students lives less boring.

5) Screenleap allows you to share your screen with your students (to tablets, iPods, laptops, etc) and also allows you to control what your students can see. This helps you know that what they are looking at is acceptable.

Reflection of the webinar

The Infusing Technology with Common Core webinar was very helpful and contained large amounts of resources that were free to everyone. The presenter of the webinar simply presented her LiveBinder, which was FANTASTIC! It was full of great web tools and resources for both teachers and parents. The presenter was very knowledgeable and was well spoken. However, the video refreshing quality was sub-par. It was very choppy and hard to follow; this is why I was glad she was presenting something that was easily reviewed else where. Another issue with all webinars is that the host(s) waste time at the beginning (this particular one wasted 7 minutes) discussing things that do not pertain to the webinar or is not of interest to viewers. All in all, it was a very insightful webinar in which I learned about some valuable resources and tools. I would recommend any teacher to watch it.
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