Belknap Volcano

By: Ephraim Fortson


Hello there! If you're looking for where to find the Belknap volcano then you found it. This wonderful shield volcano is located in Linn county, Oregon. Its Latitude and Longitude is 44.3N and 121.5W. So don't hesitate and go check it out!

Information On The Past.

This volcano is around 3,000 years old! The last time this volcano erupted was aproximately 1,500 years ago. This volcano is inactive so you dont have to worry about getting burned by lava which can reach up to 1,250 degress celsius.

Do You Know How the Volcano Got Its Name?

The Belknap Volcano got its name from early settlers along the Mckenzie River.

Belknap Volcano

Ever wondered?

Ever wondered how it is on the Belknap volcano? Check out this video below and see how two men explored this volcano and maybe you would want to go check it out for yourself.
Expedition to Little Belknap Crater

Shape And Lava

The Belknap Volcano gets its shape from its basaltic lava. The Magma (which is inside of the volcano) makes this volcano round and broad. Because of low silica in magma, lava flows quickly and easily down this volcano, so you better be able to run!