Alexander Hamilton

by: Dominique Hill and Katy Dunn

Alexander Hamilton

I am Alexander Hamilton I was born on January 11, 1775 my dad left when I was 10 my mom died around the same time I was 10.

I got my first job at 11.

I also went to Kings Collage at 16 and to recreate my life in New York. I created the first bank of the United States of America.

In the war my role was to be an administrator.

I led the fight to win ratification of the constitution.

The congress asked me to draw up a plan for the ‘’adequate support of the public credit.

I had many enemies like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Aaron Burr.

I am most famous for being George Washington’s right hand man and for being our founding father.

I died on July 12, 1804 by a duel versus Aaron Burr. I was as brave as a tiger. Kids will have a lot of memories of me, Alexander Hamilton.

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