#Government and #Culture

Keira, Skylar, and Grace

Government Power

In many stories, the government has control over everything. In Harrison Bergeron, they control the way you live, what you do, and how you act. If you don't listen to them, you get gunned down. This relates to Old Glory because, you can't protest, you don't have freedom of speech, you don't have freedom of thought, and if you do, you will get shot on sight.

Government Policy

In Harrison Bergeron you can't be beautiful and you can't be better than anyone else. You also can't be more athletic than anyone else, and you can't be smarter than anyone else. This relates to the story Uglies because you can't be ugly. This is the government policy.

Cultural Activities

The Harrison Bergeron story mentioned ballet as in activity. For the ballet activity, music was played.They also have athletic activities like basketball and soccer.