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Week 2 term 1 2016

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Welcome back to the 2016 School Year

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you all had an enjoyable summer vacation and were able to relax and/or recharge the batteries. I also hope that the first school week of the year has progressed smoothly.

This is a brief newsletter because I know you will all be caught up with the general business of starting the school year.

I hope term 1 goes well for you all.

I am ready and willing to collaborate with you, your leadership team or your learning community!

Below are just a few of the ways I might be able to collaborate with you:

Preparation of your annual school report

  • can I provide any advice - do you have any questions I can help with?
  • would you like some feedback as you draft your report?
  • do you have leadership aspirants or school executive who would like to look at the School Excellence Framework and self evaluation?

Reviewing School plans, particularly milestone plans

  • do you have a practical milestone plan?
  • are you and your staff using your milestone plan?
  • is the focus of the plan on the processes or the impact you aim to achieve?
  • can I provide any support for you or a community of schools?
  • are you interested in exploring notions of impact, evidence and links to things like the professional standards for teachers and/or the School Excellence Framework?
  • are you interested in exploring school self evaluation further?

Performance and Development plans

  • can I provide any support in this area?
  • are you, your executive or staff interested in exploring further - goal setting, links with professional standards, and evidence of impact?
  • are you or your learning community or team interested in exploring further - aspects of reflective practice?
  • are you interested in looking at some alternate strategies for peer collaboration in classroom and/or strategies for supporting positive and productive peer feedback and linking these things to both the School Excellence Framework and professional standards
  • how is your Performance and Development Planning going? Are you interested in collaborating? Can I be of any use or provide any support?

Is your school or group of schools having an impact on student learning outcomes?

  • can I help facilitate conversations exploring this question and concepts around impact, evidence, data, improvement measures, products and practices?
  • can we develop new and innovative self evaluation strategies?
  • do you want to explore school self evaluation further?
  • do you want to explore the SEF framework more deeply?
  • Are your "teachers taking responsibility for changes in practice required to achieve improved school performance and using data on a regular basis to monitor the effectiveness of their own efforts" (SEF p.8)(St 5) or do you want to explore this area further?

Are there any other areas of school leadership, professional growth or building communities of practice where I can be useful for you or your learning community?

Do you have any great ideas or strategies you have developed over the last 12 months which you think might benefit your colleagues? Can we collaborate to develop a strategy so this learning can be shared and celebrated?

If any of these areas or topics sounds interesting or useful please contact me so we can discuss how we might collaborate.

Alternatively - use the link below to provide feedback or ideas that I can use to inform the sort of workshops or resources we develop.

Feedback to David Silcock

Click on this link if you would like to provide any feedback or suggestions for 2016.

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Modified Milestone Plan template

Looking for an easier version of the milestone template to use. This version might be the one. Remember to download and then print in A3!

Alberta private Study Tour - April 2016 - Final Call!

We are finalising plans for our study tour to Alberta in 2016.

If you are interested in visiting Alberta Canada to participate in teams visiting schools as they conduct their collaborative dialogues then please click on the link below for more information and to register your interest.

If you are interested in coming to Alberta in April please complete the EOI below by the 17th of February. Soon after this date we will organise a meeting so we can answer any final questions you might have and work to shape an worthwhile and enjoyable agenda! If you have any questions give me a call or send me a note. The cost of getting to Canada has been going down over recent months!

2016 Alberta Study Tour

Interested in visiting Alberta Schools in April 2016? Click on this link. We would appreciate hearing from interested school leaders before the end of this school year. Alberta School leaders may visit us in July 2016. Register your interest here.

North Coast Initiative for School Improvement Website

Check out the new resources on the Resource Page. We now have three templates for teacher growth plans aligned to proficient, highly accomplished and lead.

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