Chains (Comprehension)

By Kyla Thompson

Character Analysis

Isabel is the main character in the story. She is a thirteen year old African American. Who is very determined and stubborn. And will do whatever it takes to be free. Throughout her adventure she becomes stronger in her mind, and heart. She can also be caring and loving to her sister, and sometimes to her friends. She doesn't always know if she can trust people though. Ruth is her younger sister Through the story she learns to be braver and tougher and starts to stand and for herself and what is right.

Plot Line

Denouement is another word for resolution.

In the introduction of the story, Isabel and Ruth's owner dies and they have a small funeral. Then their owners nephew saws he is selling them, which is the inciting incident. The rising action is when they are getting auctioned off and sold. Then they get sold to an owner who is abusive and bossy. Next thing you know, Isabel's sister Ruth gets sold. Then war breaks out against the Americans and the British. Isabel starts bringing food to the captured soldiers in prison. The climax happens when Isabel tricks the guards of the prison and saves her friend Curzon so they can flee together while everyone else is celebrating. The falling action is when they are sailing down the river, and have to sneak past guards and guard dogs. So that thy can finally get to the resolution, when they wake up, and Isabel and Curzon are in the land of the free.

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Setting and Summary

The setting is in New York in 1776-1777. In the new owners house which is a very big house. During the war between the Americans and the British.


In this book Isabel and her sister Ruth are sold off to a Mister and Mistress who live in New York in the middle of the war between America and the British . Isabel goes through many traumatic events such as, losing Ruth, getting branded*, watching her sister be abused. through the story she learns to stand up for herself, and to be her own person. She starts helping the losing side of the war and bringing food to them. In the middle of the night when everyone is celebrating the victory, Isabel sneaks up to the prison to rescue her friend Curzon. they manage to escape... but what about... Ruth.


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