MGSD AIG Program

Volume 2 Number 7 January 27, 2023

2023 is off to a great start! We have lots of exciting and engaging things happening in AIG and Enrichment! Enjoy your peek inside below!

If you have any questions for me about AIG, the best way to reach me is via email - If you would like to know more about my schedule or see old newsletters, you can check out my website.

Academically and Intellectually Gifted Parent Info Night

Calling all 3rd grade parents! Interested in finding out more about how students qualify for the AIG program? Here are a couple of options!
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First Lego League Update - CONGRATULATIONS Brick Force!

On Sunday, Jan 22nd, our EMIS Brick Force team competed in the state First Lego League competition in Greensboro. They had an amazing day and season! All of our FLL teams (Brick Force and Lego Leopards at EMIS, Lego Bobcats at MIS) learned a TON this season and we hope to build on that in the future!

PS They also presented to the town board the week prior to the competition! Lots of great opportunities for growth!

4th Grade ELA - Mysteries of Harris Burdick

Fourth graders explored Chris Van Allsburg's Mysteries of Harris Burdick and then tried their hands at writing stories to go with the pictures. Here is a collection of their stories - and a new picture included if you want to write one WITH your child!

5th Grade ELA - Tournament of Resiliency

Fifth graders at both schools have been learning about resiliency. Our muscles are resilient - because when we exercise we are tearing them and allowing them to grow back stronger. We brainstormed people and characters who have been through trials or problems and come back stronger. After some time to research we narrowed the pool down to 8 individuals and debated with each other before voting and determining the winner! Some students also did some writing to create their own resilient characters.
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6th Grade ELA - Novel Study

Sixth graders at both EMIS and MIS are reading The View From Saturday. After reading the first chapter, they did a writing assignment from the point of view of one of the characters, Noah. They were to write a Bread and Butter Letter thanking his grandparents for their hospitality - and including details from the chapter. Here are a few samples. They did a great job of capturing the voice of the character!

The work below is from Holden B (MIS), Aubrey D (MIS), Brooklyn B (EMIS), Lucy M (EMIS), and Anna S (EMIS).

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4th Grade Math - Measure Treasure

Students are learning about fractions by folding paper strips. This is part of a series of hands-on lessons where we are stretching our understanding of equivalent fractions, discovering mixed numbers, and eventually comparing fractions.
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5th Grade Math - Frolicking Frogs

Students are learning about equivalent fractions and comparing fractions through a frog jumping contest. After playing around a bit with their own frogs and measuring their jumps, they began calculating the jumps of other frogs using given clues. Eventually they will compare the lengths of the jumps, all the while deepening their understanding of fractions.
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Math - Hands on Equations

Groups of students in grades 3-6 have been using the Hands on Equations program to work on their math AND critical thinking skills. The depth varied depending on the grade level, but all students got a taste of finding a mystery number / unknown (AKA algebra).

Talent Development

Groups of 2nd and 3rd graders have been practicing visual thinking skills using tangrams and other puzzles. These activities are from the P.E.T.S. - Primary Education Thinking Skills - curriculum which include fun characters from the Crystal Pond Woods such as Dudley the Detective and Max the Magician.

Once Upon a STEAM

Thanks to everyone who came out for our 3rd quarter pop up STEAM event! We had a great turn out and everyone seemed to have a great time! Our final event for this year will be March 28th. Save the date! More details to come!
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Camp Invention - July 17-21