Winter Olympics!

Join us to learn more about the Winter Olympics!

It's been a blast learning about unique Winter Olympic sports!

This week has been super exciting! We went Alpine Skiing, we participated in the Biathlon and tomorrow we will go Bob-sleighing! Did you know that there are three different sliding sports in the Winter Olympics? Tomorrow we will be flying down an icy track in colorful rocket-shaped vehicles built for speed! We will then put our UNRAVEL reading strategies to use as we read all about Bob-sleighing!

Science Lab!!

I hope you enjoyed learning about landforms down low and way up high! In our next science unit we will be learning all about changes to our Earth's surface. Get excited for our hands-on science lesson to find out more about these changes! You should also be looking forward to learning more about tornadoes, volcanoes and earthquakes!

Student Treasure Books, Science Lab, Winter Olympics, Ancient Civilizations, Oh My!

Guaranteed to be a learning filled day!