Figure Skating

by:Lola Whitson


Do you like science and figure skating, well right here is where to find out how science is in figure skating.So you can learn about both.


Skates-You would need skates to skate around on the ice.What kind of stuff is on the skates that could help you.

Boot-Boots are custom made leather interiors and for extra ankle brace.

Boot tongue- Boot tongue are made with rubber or sponge padding for flexibility and maximum control.

Blade- A blade sharpened to produce a flat on curve cross section.

Heel-A heel pushes their body weight for better control for quick changing directions.

Hollow-Hollow provides control and speed.

Toe picks-Toe picks are used for pushing off in jumps and as the pivot point during spins.

How the sport is played

It you want to know how to get faster and slower when your skating ,here's where you will find the answer.When you want to get faster just keep your arms close to your body. When you want to go slower put your arms out away from your body.
Do you really want to know what your skating on? You probably think its ice no your wrong , it's ice at first but it really is a thin layer of water.
This is how you stay from falling over or how to stop.You can finish of routines by spinning wildly in one spot.Where you are skating its not just jumping,skating and that stuff it's about having balance.You also do cool tricks to get a high score from the judges.To keep from falling over when the skate on one foot or land from a leap or stop to spin. Sometimes they swoop into a spin and then get going so fast they are just a blur.

The science in the sport

Brakes work by creating friction that slows wheels or objects down. Use friction to go slow or fast during spins or routines.Friction from the surface of skates racing over ice to melt slightly creating a thin layer of water between the skate and the ice. Friction from the surface of the skates oven ice actually causes the ice to melt slightly. You can go over board by reducing friction. How do they get going so fast in these spins? The answer is momentum. Momentum which is basically how much force it would take to stop a moving object,essentially the heavier something is and ,the faster it's going. The more momentum it will have and the harder it will be to slow it down. You use angular momentum determines how fast your going to relate. Combined with a natural effect known as surface melting this can cause between the skate and the ''drag''.


Now you know that science science is really in figure skating. It is a really fun sport try it sometime you might end up knowing more science words now.