Green Solution Lab

By: Shawn Kurban

Aunt Elda

Aunt elda died while in surgery. Doctors do not know what it was from but there's a possibility that it may have been because of the anesthesia. People can die from anesthesia if the concentration is too high. The lethal number is over 40%. This lab is to find out if the solution given to Aunt Elda is over 40%. Also this lab is to show that we know what Beer's Law is and show that we know how to apply it to real life situations.

Pre-Lab knowledge requsits

-Beers law is the direct relationship between concentration and absorbance

-What a colorimeter is and how we set it up, hwo we use it, and safety protocols

-How a colorimeter works which is it shoots light through the solution and test the concentration and absorbance and gives us the number which we add to our graph


A colorimeter is the tool used to find the absorbance and the concentration of a given solution by using light energy and shooting it through the solutiong
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How do you make a solution?

First get the base measurement of plain water

Then you figure out the percentage of Green and water you will need

Fill a cuvette with one of the green solutions

Measure both percentages into the same cuvette

Cap the cuvette

Put cuvette in colorimeter

Record the number given by the colorimeter

Add number to graph

When a new number is added the graph automatically updates for you

For example if you want a 20% solution and you have a 10 milliliter cuvette, you would put 8 milliliters of water in the cuvette and you would add 2 milliliters to the cuvette, then you would put it in the colorimeter find the concentration and absorbance and record them and move on.

Beer's Law

Scientific law that states that as the concentration of a liquid gets higher, the absorbance gets higher as well which shows the direct relationship between concentration and absorbance.
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You can observe that as the concentration increases, the absorbance also increases this is because as more of the green is added to the solution the concentration goes up as the amount added goes up which causes the absorbance to go up. The evidence that shows this is that the line goes up the whole time never dips and steadily goes up


We found that the solution given to Aunt Elda was about 60-65%. This is way over 40% which is the highest concentration of anesthesia that can be given to a patient. With this info we see that the cause of death as too high of a concentration.