By: Alison Sadler and Madelyn Hill

Come to Mesopotamia!

Why you should come to Mesopotamia, because it is in between the Tigris and the Euphrates river so that means that they have fertile soil for crops. You should also come here because There are no floods because of the system that we use. We use something called irritation system, that means that we can save water in these water ways that we build. It also will not ruin the crops that you have planted.

What we've made!!

What We Worship

We worship our highest king. He lives in the highest point in the pyramid. He has people that serve him all of the time and when he wants something he gets it. When there is a fight he settles it and pick who wins. We also believe in many other gods. We make models to show that we are always praying to the king.


Each city state has its own government, and can govern its self.


Trading and growing helps the city grow and have a bigger population. City states trade with each other people so that people can get what they need.
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Social Structure

Farm villages grew into big cites. There are three options that you could live in, the upper class where the priests, kings and other important people live, middle class are the merchants, farmers, fishers, and artisans, which is also the biggest class. There is also the bottom class which is where all of the slaves are.
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