Bulldog Bulletin

February 5, 2016

A Huge Heartfelt Thanks to.....

.....All of our TOIs. Your flexibility to fill in where needed this week was so very much appreciated by all of us!!!

.....Alyssa and Ellen for all of their data work with K-2 teachers.

.....Dee and Cheryl K. for organizing a carry-in. There is NOTHING like a Model carry-in!!

....Kevin for covering a colleague's class on one of the delay days this week.

....Cheryl W. for all that she does to handle discipline issues as they arise.

....Tonya H. for so gracefully addressing and monitoring our students with health needs.

....Marcia and her team who help supervise early students each day.

....Michelle W. for organizing our tech PD this week and for all she does to support testing.

...Debbie, Lisa, Laura, and Amanda....ACCESS testing...technology...schedules.....need I say more??

PBL in Action

When our fifth graders return from Camp Potawatomi each year, many will list the gaga pit as their favorite activity. Gaga ball is similar to dodgeball, but the game is confined to a 500 square foot octagon, and the balls are kept on the ground. This class of fifth graders was particularly interested in getting a gaga pit on our playground. Ellen developed a project for her Success students using the standards for the current window. The project began with the knows and need to knows of the students. Students worked in groups to research and analyze materials and costs. They invited Mr. Baumann from Chandler to interview him about their gaga pit, they Skyped with students from Chandler. Students wrote letters to the PTO about funding support, and they created presentations. Groups shared their presentations, received feedback from each other in the form of likes and wonders. Using that feedback, the groups collaborated to create one presentation. On Friday, a group of students presented their final presentation to the entire fifth grade. After presenting, the team received feedback from the entire group.

On Monday night, the team of fifth graders will present their proposal to the Board at 6:00 in the Board room at the Admin building. The presentation will be at the beginning of the meeting.

As I have watched this group of students work through this project, I have noticed several things:

1. The rigor of the thinking and problem solving is grounded in relevance. Students had to authentically collaborate to draw conclusions and solve problems.

2. Student engagement was so high throughout the project. When students are truly engaged in a project, they move way beyond compliance.

3.Standards and formative assessment are embedded into what students are doing.

4. Students were constantly asking each other questions and giving each other feedback. These student actions align directly to the TAP rubric.

College and Career Readiness Resource

As principals, we share our newsletters with each other each weekly. It is good for us to see the great things going on around our district. This item comes from Roy Hufford at Chandler.

Here is a new resource that provides some practical tips and resources for teachers. It is worth a few minutes of time to check it out. Here is more information:

CCR is excited to release its first issue of "Teachers' Toolbox" a content-focused resource for teachers. February 2016 issue is attached or can be found athttp://www.doe.in.gov/teacherstoolbox

Coaches Needed

Here is a note from the GHS basketball coach, please let me know if you are interested.

It is time for us to start organizing our 5th Grade “May Madness” Basketball League for boys, as well as for girls. I’m copying Coach Krebs as well, since he’ll be organizing it from the girls side. This program will run for three weeks in May only. In the past we ran this program for four weeks but with this year’s calendar we do not want it to carry over into the last week of school. Therefore, we’d like to allow coaches to practice three times per week if they would like, but only practice for two weeks rather than three weeks.

Here is a schedule we are proposing:

· May 2-6, practice 2 or 3 times

· May 9-13, practice 2 or 3 times

· May 17 & 20, boys tournament & consolation games (at GHS), 6:00 & 7:00

· May 16 & 19, girls tournament & consolation games (at GHS), 6:00 & 7:00

The first thing we need to do is get our list of coaches. Please email myself and/or Coach Krebs with the name of a person in your building that would volunteer to coach the team. We really encourage a staff member to get involved as it builds great community for your school. This person helps recruit players and communicate with the students. If you do not have a staff member willing to do it please let us know so we can work on recruiting coaches for your team.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from each o


Each year around this time, Kurt, Sarah, and I meet with district leaders to discuss capital project funding needs. It's time to think about our facility needs-including maintenance, furniture, and technology. If you have items that fit into these categories that you would like for us to consider, please email me by Wednesday. Asking does not mean it will happen, but having your input will help us prioritize for our meeting. If it is not on the list now, it will not happen for next year.

Staffing for 2016-2017

I will be meeting with Dr. Woodworth, Dr. Metcalfe, Dr. Piazza, and Mrs. Ummel in the next few weeks to discuss staffing for next year. If you would like to change positions or grade levels, please set up a time for us to meet. It helps me as I prepare for staffing to know what you are thinking for next year.

From Central Office

Admin Cabinet Newsletter

Week of February 1, 2016

Today’s Focus: Teams

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
– Andrew Carnegie

Reflections to Guide Your Journey

What is your personal and/or professional vision?

How do you communicate this vision effectively to others? How can you improve this?

How does your personal vision align with your team or organization?


These links were put together by my colleagues down in Southern Indiana and your staff may find them very resourceful. All items are from the doe website, however they are in a user-friendly format. They work best in the browser format.

Lisa Dercach

Outreach Coordinator-Region 7

Indiana Department of Education

ISTEP Grade 3-8


ISTEP Grade 10 newsletter


CPR/AED Class Offered

Susan Stiffney will be teaching a CPR/AED class on Feb 17 at Goshen High School from 4 to 5 pm. It costs $20. If you are interested, please email sstiffney@goshenschools.org

There will be 2 more classes in May.

TLT Update

This week our TLT focused on follow-up. Follow-up support is crucial to making sure our strategy sticks with kids. Follow-up takes the form of co-teaching, modeling, or observing. Our TLT is really working hard to increase the effectiveness of our follow-up with you each week. It has been exciting to hear and see how the strategy is taking hold with students.

Through the week......

....Mark and Brenda teaching the chunk and giving each other feedback.

....Kindergarten team analyzing text after cluster.

....Teachers using the strategy in all content areas.

....All teams analyzing student work in cluster.

...Mentors sharing information from field testing.

Keep up the great work!!

This Week



Monday, February 8

Committees @ 7:30

Baby Shower @ 3:00

Board Meeting @ 6:00

Tuesday, February 9

TLT @ 3:00-4:30

PTO Meeting @ 6:00

Thursday, February 11-Friday, February 12

Weather Make-up Days (Off if no make-up days)

Monday, February 15

President's Day-no school

Tuesday, February 16

PLC's at 7:30-All teachers will begin in the library before moving to PLCs

TLT @ 3:00

One final thing........

Congratulations for reading all the way to the bottom. Since we have a three day week, you may wear jeans this week. Shhhhhh..don't tell!!