health of the water system

how can we help the pollution

health of water

you may not know this but the water system helps everything on earth. it is the one thing all animales rely on. pollution is killing larg amounts .of vegitation and larg amounts o f animels that llive in or around the polluted areas. almost alot of country have bad waater supply this can lead to bad episodes of reapeting diarraha

the water and its health how can we help

are water is affected by us and how much we abues it.when we think were cleaning it its realy just for us were not cleaning it for the animale . large amounts of animals and vegitation are dieing because of sludge a producte of water cleaning plants.

what rive would you drink from

hopfully we can make it better for every one and every thing

can we help? yes.  are we the cause? most the time yes.are we doing whats right for the invioment? not really.