Rich Hill Documentary

The story of three boys from rich hill that share struggles.

Rich Hill


the documentaries purpose was achieved by showing all the important things needed to be known about how they became to be poor and how they adjusted to it.

Purpose- I believe the purpose of this film was to show the side of poor struggling families in need of finances and government help. also how being poor can affect family relationships, health and leave a bad influence on people.

Examples of purpose

Ex 1. 1st kid - He and his family moved around a lot and, his mother has health conditions. he was never good with friendships.

Ex 2. 2nd kid - Is under the age of 12 and smokes daily. he has a series of medical problems like OCD,ADHD,ADD.

Ex 3. 3rd kid- Also smokes at a young age. has temper problems, refuses to go to school. he stays with his grandmother since his mom is in jail for trying to kill her ex. and their on food stamps.



The boys from rich hill endured a lot of struggles growing up into poverty. every one of them in some way had family or emotional problems. They either didn't get along with their parents or were at odds with them. overall the documentary did a good job showing what they go through and it impacted me by being grateful for the things that I have.