#1 city for sustainability since 2000!!

Why Is That You Ask?

Sustainability is when you don't hurt the environment, that can mean recycling or limiting the usage of natural resources. Not only does Royalville recycle, but we barely use cars because you would probably find all things you need in walking distance. This is of course good for the environment.

WE HAVE ONE MOTTO: Act Responsible, Think Sustainable.


Royalville is a suburban community. You could find medium density scattered around the city. Near airports you can find hotels and motels. The most famous hotel here is Royalties inn. There also a lot of hotels and apartments near popular attractions, like the Royalties tower of Royalville. The Royalties Tower is in the middle of high Density houses and medium density houses.


As written before most of royalville do not own cars. The transportation we use is bike's, walking, buses, and underground subways. There are a lot of skate parks, dog parks, and parking lot's for those who do have to travel far and have a car. All together we have two airports in Royalville. One is located near the downtown core and one is located on the other one is located on the other side of the city.


All together Royalville has six elementary schools, seven middle schools, nine high schools, two colleges and three university's. In almost every neighborhood we have a small library. We have two catholic schools, grades from Junior kindergarten to grade twelve (separate buildings). We have a private all girls school and a private all boys school. We have five mosques and churches. Also two cemeteries.


Royalville's industry provides a great amount of factories and warehouses. Do not worry that wont effect you because its on outskirts of the city. No warehouse can effect anyone in the city and wont ever will!


We have a lot places people can enjoy like parks or and playgrounds. We have over forty parks with big open soccer fields and a side walk. We have on most of the parks a playground! We have beautiful beaches that will take your breath away. We have three beaches people can swim in, Dolphin beach, Sandy beach, and the most popular Royal beach.


In Royalville We have three imax theaters and two little ones. We have ten amusement parks scattered around the city the most popular and biggest would be Thrill Rides park. There are a lot of malls, about fifteen malls. The top two is Royal mall which has six shopping floors, and TLN centre which has four. There a lot of convenience stores and super markets. There are banks, small gas stations, gyms, museums, hospitals, doctor offices, restaurants (I recommend the fine restaurant, Royals), sports arenas, concert stadiums (August 20th One Direction will be performing).
Sustainable Developments