OIl Sands Today

Does our demand for oil harm or help our fellow Canadians?

Oil Sands Location and economy

The oil sands are the raw material that contains oil, as the name implies. With water Canada is able to use the oil within to help our country grow, whether it’s used for transportation or used for industrial items .The Oil sands are located in three areas within Alberta, Canada and some parts of Saskatchewan. Athabasca, Peace River and Cold Lake are the areas that the oil sands reside in

Near Fort McMurray, oil sands are the closest to the surface

Making the area most destined for oil.

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Oil has an important role within Canadians lives, as it is used as a prime energy source for many of our heat and transportation machines as well as creating products for future use. Oil has a lot of uses which is why it is so desirable. A report from Oilsandstoday.ca shows that more than 25% of energy goes to transportation, and seeing how we mostly use oil to allow transportation one could see how much oil is benefiting our country’s economy. The oil sands in Alberta are shown to make about 79.4 billion Canadian dollars between 2012 to 2035(Conference Board of Canada 2012 “Fuel for Thought”), that’s about 3.4 billion dollars generated from oil sands alone making it one of the most economical industries . Although the oil sands are an amazing resource, it comes with consequences with the environment and the community within the area of the oil sands.
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Oil Sands economic problem.

Water is one problem that mostly arises when talking about the oil sands. Most of the clean water used to mine the oil sand is not reused and is instead put into pits, which sometimes pool over and spill into rivers. Mining takes up to 2.7 barrels of water to mine out 1 barsuit. Seeing 2011's statistics of how much water was used for mining shows a high amount, 138 million cubic meters was used in mining. Estimations show that even more water will be abused to make oil, 4,861,389 barrels or 772,900 cubic meters added to the 2011 yearly amount. That much water is equivalent to filling. This could mean that clean water will become even more scarce.

Wild life is also becoming affected from the unclean water that is being spilled into lakes and rivers. Fish and Carrboro were tested to have tumors growing on them as well as high levels of mercury in their blood. With the animals becoming sick and having cancerous cells within them, this is causing many people to become sick with different types of cancer, some incurable.

Health Issues

Dr John O'Connor found that many Fish within Fort chip( a small village near the oil sands ) had a lot of heavy metals within their blood. It was then noted that fish contained high amounts of mercury and arsenic, which when mixed together can cause various cancers. With that, the government had issued a statement saying that there were two kinds of cancer within Fort chip, but it had nothing to do with environmental issues. The residents became sick with cancer, with high numbers of sick. The amount of sick people who had cancer were seen to have mercury and arsenic within their blood. Sreing that the oil has a lot of those metals, there's a possibility that the cancer was from the oil, causing many people to become sick

Final Thoughts

My thoughts on continuing extracting the oil sands is negative at most, as the constant health issues and the waste of one of our most precious reusable resource water. The oil industry has used a lot of Canada's water and they are estimated to use even more for future production, as stated in the second paragraph. If we were to continue with abusing our water supply, we would most likely run out of clean water before the resource could reproduce. As for the frequent health problems, the rise of cancer patients is absurd and must be stopped. If logic was to take play in the situation, many people would have to be treated in hospitals leaving many jobs open from employees becoming sick. With all of that, oil companies should understand what they are actually doing With our world.