Bake Sale

Come support our class's Spring Bake Sale!

Our special desserts are coming soon!

The 5th Graders are sponsoring an event to help raise money to get a new playground. During our past math unit, the students have learned measurements and how to follow precise directions. Using our schools Food Science room the kids were able to mix and monitor various kinds of desserts.

Ms. Fischer's 5th Grade Bake Sale

Thursday, May 12th, 5pm

501 West Sunset Drive

Huntingburg, IN

Come support your 5th-grade students as they present their scrumptious desserts in honor of trying to raise money for a new playground. Refreshments such as lemonade, water, and tea will be provided.
5:00-5:10 pm - Introduction to the event and slideshow of future playground

5:10-5:20 pm - Walk around and talk with students about their chosen dessert

5:20-6:30 pm - Buy and enjoy desserts along with provided refreshments