What's the 411 ?

By: Chelsea Ly Averette

What is Media? Who's Media Literate?

Media is a form of mass of communication, a way of keeping up with the world. You may not know it but forms of the internet, television, newspapers and more. Social networks are a HUGE form of media. There is over thousands of people tweeting and sharing information online, whether it is about themselves or others, the people are talking. Even television, the news spreads local and international news across the nation, from house fires, burglaries, the weather and facts on the economy. As well as the radio, it’s almost like we are in a world today where we are forced to be in tune and connected with new data and the media. Once you get in the car, turn the radio on, and the commercials start to come on and you are then sucked in. There is the new hot spot for the young people who like to part. The latest on what celebrity is dating who, and the new cars that are coming out for 2014 with all their cool features. Not even only words in information technically, Instagram is also a form of media and it is almost all photos. To be media literate in my opinion means to be able to operate and handle media and be able to process the information. For example, if you were to get on twitter will you be able to access and operate your social media account? Another example, if you were handed a newspaper, will you be able to read and comprehend the information? If you get a new 50’ HD television will you be able to turn it on and find the HD settings, maybe even record your favorite television show on your new TV? If you get on vine will you be able to create a 6 second video clip? So in all, I feel to be able to be media literate is to be able to analyze and comprehend media and up to date forms of where media is held.

Coca Cola - Going all the way

Coca Cola in the commercial for Coke, which aired during the 2014 super bowl, communicates to viewers that you should chase your dreams, always push your hardest to achieve your goals and don’t stop until you get there. Coca cola advertises and promotes coke by showing a young boy finally gets the courage to get off the bench and start running even further than and as fast as necessary and is then rewarded with a refreshing coke. Coca cola attempts to get viewers to buy coke in order so that you feel achieved and inspired to do your best. The commercial uses a cheerful tone which connects with individuals whom have goals and aspiring dreams.

Coca-Cola - Going All The Way - Official :60

Smore #3

Snow Storm in Georgia Leads to Life on ice

Chelsea Ly Averette, Staff Reporter

Fri April 4, 2014

GEORGIA - The mayor is supposed to know what’s best for its city and take control as a leader right? Well clearly not, because a few weeks ago at the start of the second, more sever snow storm Georgia has had within the two months, the mayor was all for himself and was out of his decision making office at one o’clock such as the rest of the city was. There were thousands upon thousands of people rushing home on the same highways at the same time just rushing to get home before the ice settle, but only if they knew rushing home to be a couch potato would only slow them down in the process. Not just slow but turtle stuck in peanut butter slow. People were forgetting to pick up their kids from school to rush home and dismiss all their duties as a parent leaving kids stranded on buses trapped on ice roads along with the parents for weeks upon weeks starving and hungry… as they would also be at home with their relaxing parents. The mayor was stuck right along in that traffic and stores were closed, school was out for weeks and everyone was just at home. Once everyone from their homes poured their salt out into the streets, school extended by 3 hours to make up for lost time and there was also Saturday school and the mayor was forced to resign.

Smore #4

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Smore #5

On September 11, 2001 our society was changed. Our world trade center was ruined. There were four commercial planes hijacked. Two of the four hijacked planes were purposely crashed into the upper floors of the North and South towers, and the third plane was crashed into the pentagon in Arlington, Va. The fourth plane was then crashed into an empty field in Western Pennsylvania. The twin towers then collapsed from the impact of the building. Fires were then created and people began to die of smoke, and debris. The attacks then killed 2,977 people. The part then itself thought who could’ve done this to us? We then had an immediate hour session of hate, staring into big brothers eyes, we all had to rage. It was the only thing necessary at the moment. The best, most loyal comrades were on those planes to meet in our central headquarters of Florida. After our hourly hate, rather than the usual two minutes. The party then had to investigate on who committed this crime. Who could’ve done this? What would the punishment be when the criminals were found they thought. The thought police then found the criminals to be perpetrators, traders, and disloyal comrades trying to overthrow the government. The party then led the 6 criminals to torture for three years and then they were vaporized. This will be you if you ever try to ruin the party which is only benefiting you. How could you betray your comrades and leaders? Do you want to be vaporized to? Think, but don’t think… doublethink about it.

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The purpose of rewriting the history of 911, is so that the party, the government can make it as if the comrades, the citizens are actually the threat to themselves, and that is why we are invading their privacy and all individualism is taken away and are living in a life of fear and conformity.

Smore #6

1. Are Julia and Winston really in Love?

Julia and Winston are not actually in love. They feel an attraction to each other because they have the same views upon the party of wanting to rebel against their idea of marriage and love and how they are living in conformity with no individualism or privacy. They feel a lust between each other, yet they barely know each other so it is a strong like but not love yet.

2. What does Sexual promiscuity represent to Julia? Explain.

Sexual promiscuity to Julia stands for rebellion that’s why she has had so many partners of the party, and Winston himself said the more men she has had, the more he loves her because it is a symbol of her having the same views as him.

3. Why does Julia believe the State suppresses sexuality and real intimacy in relationships? Explain, using details from the novel.

Julia believes the state suppresses sexuality and real intimacy in relationships because on pg. 133 she says that if it has the energy to burn that could make you happy then you should use it to make you happy not to worship big brother, so the party to her will not be in affect if people are having wanted sexual intercourse with their people of choice which is in human nature, which is free will which is all against the party’s rules and commands because it is passion and something that isn’t “robotic” and the party has no control over it.

Smore #7

The book 1984 was an eye opening book for me. Personally I really enjoyed the book, it was a real life experience, although it was dramatized of course, it was still a learning experience and a view on the world we live in. I like Orwell’s work because he is realistic, and creative, as well as entertaining. It was a book I could actually relate to. I think the book is very appropriate on its metaphorical relations to the government, even though it is about the world in general the main supports of evidence of the novel in my head throughout the whole book was about the Nazis, and concentration camps, and also the world we live in today with decreasing privacy and new technologies. If I was the author, I am not sure how I would have ended the book, only because I am still wondering in my own mind how the world and our societies will eventually end up, and I’m not sure how I would want it to end up only because we advance in technology and I’m not sure if we can reverse that which is our privacy I feel we can only put a stop to it, and as far as humans with no emotions to humanity just as the Nazis, the world I feel will always have some sort of people with those type of character traits who will do anything for power, so I am really not sure. One comment I will have though, is reading the ending did disappoint me because there was no hopeful future, Winston surrendered with his humanity and his own knowledge to become numb. I almost shed a tear, I would have predicted he finally go with a group of people, perhaps former inmates and proles to create a new revolution, a new start, a rival to the party and eventually people will become conscious but… it wasn't true.

Smore #8

This class was different from any other language arts class first off we don’t do a boring old daily grammar ritual of things we relearn each year from elementary school. We don’t read boring old stories from a textbook and we actually learn substantial, yet interesting information that pertains to our life and new generation today. We watch videos not only are they factual but they are funny and up to date which makes comprehending was easier. Also, the schoolboy work is cool because it allows you to turn items in, they won’t get lost, it shows you if it is on time or late and there is a calendar with past assignments in case you missed a day and you need to catch up or anything of that sort. I have learned a lot from this class. Before I have taken this class I didn't realize how much privacy from our world was being taken away. I didn't realize the metadata system and how it connects to people. I didn't know how we were targeted and marketed even on our personal time such as on a social cite. I didn't realize how past historical events had so much impact on how the world is being shaped. I can see a connection now throughout the whole class it is basically teaching us how our past will effect out future greatly and we need to be careful of the things we are making history of in our present. We need to be aware of the world and not become unconscious. We need to educate ourselves to not become ignorant and enslaved. We need to realize almost everything today is becoming marketed and into the media with different views and perspectives. We need to be aware of our new world. If I could change something in the class, it would be that throughout the course, the teacher will more explain how each assignment and video connects to one another because even earlier I got sidetracked and sometimes I thought to myself what does this have to do with anything? Now I mainly understand how the class connects to itself but some things I am forcing an understanding on so that would be my main focus to help future student in knowing the importance of each video or assignment and how it relates, because it is something new that we are not used to.