Traveling though Time

Jane Austen / The Dark Ages

Jane Austen

Jane Austen love her life and family. She was in loved with school and could not leave her sister side for a long time. In school she was a natural leaner and everyday for her was the best. After a while in school her parents could not pay the school on more , so Jane and her sister had to come home and learn from her parents. Not just read, write and math but how to be lady. So she could marry and be a house wife. She love to write so during her free time she would write.

Another idea from HeatgerBall "Jane Austen live 200 years ago." Born December 16,1775 in Steventon,England.Jane was the seventh children out of eight.According to Bio. Jane Austen "Jane grew up in an environment that stressed learning creative thinking." Jane and her older sister was sent to school at Oxford. Jane family wouldn't have not late her go to school at her age but her sister Cassandra was going to school. They were very close so the both want to school. Jane enjoyed school and she loved to read, she was clever learning came fairly easy to her. Jane and her sister school moved to "Another town so they both want with the school but did not stay long because they both got sick with typhus fever." After coming home they got better and want back to school but after one year they came home and began to learn how to be lady's. In the 1790s, during her adolescence, she started to craft her own novels.

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The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages got its name because of frequent warfare, disappearance of urban life intellectual darkness, barbarity. It started in the 476-800. Article dark ages wrote " Although sometimes taken to derive its meaning from the fact that little was then known about period, the terms more usual and negative connotation is of a period of intellectual darkness and barbarity." There is so little we known about the dark ages.

The plague killed many people. Most people believed rats caused the Black Plague. Hundreds of people were dead on the streets in the mornings because the plague killed them. Food and water was little to go around for the people.

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