Mexico - Latin America

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Spanish is the primary language spoken in Mexico because it was conquered and ruled by Spain.

Gross Domestic Product

Mexicos GDP is 1.261 trillion USD (recorded in 2013) and their GDP Per Capita is 10,307.28 USD (recorded in 2013).

Developed or developing?

Mexico is classified as a developing country because of its low GDP per capita, poor economy, and poor living conditions.

Spatial Inequality

Yes spatial inequality exists in Mexico between different regions and social classes depending on the wealth of each group or area.

Rural vs Urban

As of 2015 the urban population of Mexico sits at 99,244,722 people and the rural populations sits at 25,990,865 people.

Two most populated regions

Mexico City and Guadalajara are the two most populated regions of Mexico.

Haves and Have Nots

Have nots are people with little/no money, live in slums, make up 3/4 of mexicos population, and are usually recent migrants to the city. Haves are mexicos middle/upper class, live in apartments or estates, make up 1/4 of mexicos population, and typically work in business or education.


Interesting Fact

The official name of Mexico is Estados Únidos Mexicanos (translates to United Mexican States).
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