Four Seasons A+ Elementary School - December 2022


  • Tuesday, December 6, 7:30-8:30am - Morning Meet Up
  • Tuesday, December 6 - Picture Retake Day
  • Saturday, December 10, 9:30am-2:00pm (RiverCentre) - School Choice Fair
  • Monday, December 12, 5:00-6:00pm - Makerspace & School Update (Family Event)
  • Monday, December 19-Monday, January 2 - NO SCHOOL Winter Break
  • Tuesday, January 3 - School Resumes

Four Seasons A+ Family Handbook (general information on Four Seasons A+)

Principal's Message

Hello Four Seasons A+ Community,

Thank you to everyone who attended conferences with their child's teachers over the last few weeks. We can't begin to express how important it is for teachers and staff to work as a team with families to provide the best education possible for all students.

It's hard to believe that we are only a few weeks away from Winter Break. Since I started in September, students have told me they can't wait to sled at Merriam Park. With the mid-November snow, I had the opportunity to learn firsthand about everyone's favorite Four Seasons tradition with our students.

I also had the opportunity to join our 3rd graders on a field trip to Belwin Outdoor Science! Our students had the chance to explore nature by hiking, bird watching, and exploring while learning about ecosystems. The experience was a great reminder of how we can expand our classroom into the community and beyond. I look forward to more of our grade levels having these opportunities soon!

If you ever have questions or want to connect with me, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Ryan Fell


Morning Meet Up - Tuesday, December 6, 7:30-8:30am

Join us for coffee/cocoa/tea & conversation!

Morning Meet Ups:

  • Tuesday, November 1, 7:30-8:30am
  • Tuesday, December 6, 7:30-8:30am
  • Tuesday, January 10, 7:30-8:30am
  • Tuesday, February 7, 7:30-8:30am
  • Tuesday, March 7. 7:30-8:30am
  • Tuesday, April 11, 7:30-8:30am
  • Tuesday, May 2, 7:30-8:30am

Parents/guardians/family members are invited to join us for a treat and conversation in the Four Seasons A+ Family Room throughout the year. Our Morning Meet Ups will feature different topics. The focus for Tuesday, December 6 is:

Our Plan For Success

Chat with Principal Fell, learn about our School Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP) and how we are doing at meeting our goals. We will meet in the Family Room off of the Kindergarten hallway.

Makerspace - FAMILY EVENT

Monday, Dec. 12th, 5-6pm

318 North Moore Street

Saint Paul, MN

Families please join us at Four Seasons A+ for a night of creativity and partnership Monday, December 12, 5:00-6:00pm.

  • Student Performance - Skits from our Theater Class
  • Family Art Project - explore your creativity
  • Success Plan Update (School Continuous Improvement Plan)
  • Question & Answer Time

Principal Fell will report on how we are meeting our SCIP (School Continuous Improvement Plan) goals and gather feedback. Bring your questions/concerns/comments. We look forward to seeing.

From the Health Office

In the Health Office, we're feeling grateful to all the students, families, and staff people who help our community keep safe and healthy! So many of you are practicing good habits:

  • Staying home if you're sick (especially fever, diarrhea, or vomiting!)
  • Covering coughs and sneezes
  • Getting vaccines on time
  • Washing hands
  • Being careful to avoid crashes when sledding
  • Treating each other with care and respect
  • ...and more!

Remember to keep up the good work! Winter break is a great time to visit the clinic if you need to, and to make sure your medicines are refilled and your immunizations are up-to-date.

If you need to let us know about a student's health issue, you can call the Health Office at 651-888-7623.

In Our Classrooms

5th Grade

We had an amazing time at Belwin Nature Center learning about our unique natural resources. We welcomed our new PE teacher and are excited to learn how to move our bodies. Math has been focused on expanding our learning of decimals to the thousandths place. We are studying plot and subplots in reading and writing more detailed sentences. Remember that we still go outside for recess everyday so our students should be wearing appropriate clothes.

Fourth Grade Self Portraits - Ms. Long's Class

4th Grade

4th Grade has been practicing lots of reading, writing, and math in class. Students are expected to practice spelling each week. Spelling words are sent home on Monday, and the test is given on Friday.

Math/Literacy homework is sent home on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's-it is expected to be returned the following day. Students should be reading for at least 30 minutes daily. Please encourage the 4th graders to practice their academics at home, and always reach out to us with any concerns, questions or needs.

3rd Grade

In third grade we recently had the opportunity to take a field trip to Belwin Conservancy, in Afton, MN. We had a fabulous time walking outside learning about animal tracks, listening to birds and viewing St. Paul and its surroundings from high atop an observation deck! Inside, we got a chance to see MN animals that were on display and to touch various animal pelts and bones.

In school, for literacy, we are practicing choosing just -right books, setting goals for advancement and recording our choices in reading logs. In math, we continue to review addition and subtraction and have started to slowly learn multiplication.

Ms. Rejda and Ms. Thorpe

Exploration Through Digital & 3 Dimensional Art

As part of the standards set by the Minnesota Department of Education, Ms. Thorpe's 3rd grade class learned authentic facts about Minnesota's First People (the Dakota). They took the lesson deeper by first making digital pictures using SeeSaw on their iPads and then building three dimensional tipi models.

2nd Grade

This month in literacy, we will continue to work with our new Phonics program and build stamina with Reading groups. In Math, we will begin our unit on place value and continue to build on our foundational skills. We have been earning stars in our classes to celebrate our positive choices. Please continue to read at home with your students! Cold weather is upon us! Please remember to send your student in winter gear, and if you need anything, please let us know. We have resources to help keep our students warm.

1st Grade

1st Graders are working hard at phonics; mastering letter sounds, decoding familiar and unfamiliar words which will help students confidently read books. In math students are working on representing the number 10 by using tens frames, unfix cubes, dominoes and dice and then using two numbers to create addition equations. They are having fun learning about various November and December celebrations from around the world.

  • Ms. Pappas and Ms. H


In kindergarten we having lots of fun and doing lots of work. Our focus for the month in reading is increasing our stamina with reading, writing about what we are reading, and picking books we enjoy. In writing we are working on letter formation and writing about our lives. Math is full of identify and working with numbers 1-20, identifying patterns, extending patterns, and sorting by shape, color and size.


In Pre-K we are ending our Area of Study: Exploring Change in My World and beginning Being Healthy in Our World. We will learn how to be healthy in different ways. We will be focusing on learning about healthy foods, our bodies, using our five senses, and learning about how doctors and nurses help us stay healthy.


Hello DHH ECSE families!

We all had so much fun with our last Unit focusing on Changes in our World -- Apples, pumpkins, animals, oh my! Our new theme is "Being Healthy in Our World," and we get to focus on healthy foods and 'sometimes' foods, exercising, and caring for our bodies, our friends, and the animals around us! December and December weather has officially arrived -- we love to go outside and experience the snow but will plan to stay inside on days that are too cold so that we can keep moving our healthy bodies! We have a long break quickly approaching. Please reach out if there is anything that you need!


The DHH K-2nd grade classroom has started a new unit on Being Healthy in Our World! We have been exploring healthy choices, vocabulary of body parts, food, exercise, and people in the community who keep us healthy. All while learning this bilingually with ASL and English. The students have settled into the school year and are loving playing outside in the snow during recess! You can find us sledding and building snowmen whenever possible.


Speech/Language Tip of the Month: Use Closed Captions!

Closed Captioning provides text to make tv shows and videos accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Did you know that closed captioning is for everyone and can help boost foundational reading skills? So, click the CC symbol to turn on captions every time you and your child are watching tv or using a device to watch a video!

From SLPs Hope Larson and Chris Holm

Winter Resources and More...

Four Seasons Families, as a support team we have had many requests for Holiday and other resources for Winter Break. Please check the RESOURCE PAGE for upcoming holiday resources and other winter break support.

We are also starting a new program here at Four Seasons called Every Meal. Every Meal is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to fight child hunger through community and school partnerships. Every Meal supports families with programming over the weekends, extended school breaks, and summer. Providing kids with good food that is nutritious, delicious, and relevant.

This program is free to all families and is provided discreetly to all that sign up. Please watch for sign up information from your child’s bag this week (12/1-12/2) if you are interested please fill out and have your student deliver to the drop box in the front office as soon as possible to begin participating.

  • Brooke Hardman: School Counselor
  • Gretchen Osweiler: School Social Worker

Picture Retake Day

Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 7:30-11:30am

318 North Moore Street

Saint Paul, MN

You can still order student pictures on with your

Picture Day ID: EVTRVR7J4

Want Lifetouch to retake your picture? Simply return your original package on Picture Retake Day.

Cold Weather - Recess

Winter weather is here. District expectations are that all classes will go outside for recess unless windchill temperatures are colder than -10 degrees Fahrenheit. You can find additional information here.

Recess is 30 minutes. Please send your child to school prepared to spend time outside. Contact Brook Hardman, Gretchen Osweiler or Karen Shanahan if you need help with winter gear (651) 290-7595.