California Eagle

By: Drew Y.

Interview with Deadly Crash Victim

17-year-old Jenna Fox has just awaken from a year-long coma. Here she shares her shocking story.

CE: How did you crash?

JF: My friend, Kara, was driving home from a party in which a riot broke out. Another friend, Locke, was in the car at the time with me. We sped to get away from the riot, but Kara forgot to stop pushing the gas down so hard. We came to a turn but when the car turned, it crashed into the rail guard. We fell down a cliff, and our BMW exploded on impact.

CE: Was anybody hurt?

JF: Oh, yes. Everybody was hurt. Locke died two weeks after the accident without regaining consciousness. Kara sustained severe head trauma after being thrown from the car. She died three weeks after the accident when her family removed life support. I was lucky. My hands were ruined. Burned. I could only have 10% of my body saved-the most important 10% of my brain. I have extreme memory lapses. But I am alive with the help of an enormous amount of BioGel.

CE: You said you have "extreme memory lapses." What are they like?

JF: They are awful. I can't remember much of anything. Favorite foods. My parents. And worst of all, I can't even remember how to smile.

CE: Do your parents talk about the accident very much?

JF: Very rarely.

CE: Do you have a sibling that tells you?

JF: No, I don't. But my grandmother, Lily, tells me about life before the accident sometimes.

CE: Then how do you know so much about it?

JF: I have to do things that force my parents into talking about it and telling me about it.

CE: Do you miss your friends?

JF: Oh, definitely. I think of them very often.

CE: Do you have any friends now?

JF: Yes. Mr. Bender, Allys, Ethan, Lily. I like them all.

CE: I heard that you went into a coma. How long was it?

JF: It was a year-long coma.

CE: If you were in a coma that long, what did you eat?

JF: I ate my nutrients.

CE: Do you like your nutrients?

JF: No, I hate them. They are tasteless.

CE: You sound like you still take your nutrients. Do you?

JF: Yes, most of the time.

CE: How much do your parents love you?

JF: A ton.

CE: Does it ever get...annoying?

JF: Oh my, yes!

CE: Do you have a boyfriend?

JF: Yes. Ethan. He is very nice.

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Locke Jenkins and Kara Manning died recently from a car crash. Locke was a passenger and Kara was driving. They were the friends of the crash's lone survivor Jenna Fox. They were special for having extremely brilliant minds.

Date: Unknown

Age(s): 16 and 17
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National News

The FSEB has changed its position on what it means to be human. Now, you still can only be 49% lab pet, but if you are injured in an ACCIDENT, you can be up to 95% lab pet. What makes one human is if you are originally a member of the species Homo Sapiens. Not if you are more regular than lab pet.

If these rules are violated, you will get the following punishment:

50%-60%: One year in prison.

61%-70%: Two years in prison.

71%-80%: Three years in prison.

81%-90%: Four years in prison.

91%-95%: Seven years in prison.

96%-100%: Ten years in prison.*

If you get caught a second time, prison time doubles.

*Last punishment applies to everyone.

Weekend Weather

The forecast for this weekend is as follows:

Friday: High 86° F, Low 53°F

0% Chance of rain

Wind: NE at 6 mph

Mostly sunny

Saturday: High 85°F, Low 55° F

10% Chance of rain

Wind: NE at 7 mph

Partly cloudy

Sunday: High 73°F, Low 48°F

0% Chance of rain

Wind: SW at 9 mph

Mostly cloudy

Pictures: 1st is Friday, 2nd is Saturday, 3rd is Sunday

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