6th Grade Units In Technology

By: Meah Gazella

Typing Web

  • Each time you have technology you will have to do 5 minutes of typeing for warm up.
  • you should be able to type at least 3 lessons a day
  • when you finish the intermedeit coures she takes a picture of youand you become a tip top typist


  • you sometimes can do it for free chocie
  • you have to make it to level 7-9
  • It is very fun and cool.


  • Their are a bunch of cool settings
  • you can make any trailer or movie you want
  • you get to pick what your movie uis for one of the units

hiaku deck

  • you get to do the project on your favorite thing.
  • You will have to put pictrues of you and wathever you do the project on.
  • Get to present you project to the whole class.

explain everything

  • You will get to chose a math prblem to do in explain everything.
  • You wil sumit it to schoolgy like you do with most projects.
  • unless you have a styelist you can't write with you fingers you will have to type it all.

career locker

  • Mrs. Vandenboogaard will be in class with you durnig career.
  • You get to look at what schools you want to go to.
  • You will have alot of fun doing it.