Mrs. Lamar's Science Stars

Independent practice to show your super science skills!

Set 1

Watch Video Below

LAB SAFETY Video - I Think

Matter Virtual Lab Click Below on Science Fusion Link

Matter Reader

Read the attached book about matter

Match the vocab
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In your interactive notebook draw and label the diagram below using the Vocab list

Key Vocab words

  1. Condensation
  2. Evaporation
  3. Melting
  4. Freezing
  5. Boiling
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Virtual Lab - Boiling, Melting and Freezing Points

Click through the lesson and complete virtual lab

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Forms of Matter Quiz

Click through the questions to take a mini quiz on forms of matter

Home Experiment: Stacking Liquids


Looking at the tower below generate 4 statements about the matter shown.

Hint: There are solids and liquids shown

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Think Central Mixture Virtual Lab

Think Central Solutions Virtual Lab

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Energyville Game

Click to play

Energy World Game

Click to play