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September 19 - 24, 2016

Hello Lopez Families,

Thank you for the great turn out Tuesday during the Open House! It was nice to see all of you and I hope you enjoyed it. I really do like to hear from you after events so we can tailor them in the future to meet your needs. I know the parking was a little hectic so next time we have a school-wide event, we will try to open up the Hardy Oak lot across the street and have our officer help get people across. It would help us improve the experience if you would take a second and fill out a feedback form by clicking here and letting us know what you liked and and what you would like to see in the future to make it better.

Our games have been really fun and I hope you are able to come see how much work the students have been putting in to represent our school. I ask that you help us with one thing though. While we are monitoring the games, we cannot also closely monitor all the areas outside the building. We ask that the students who come to the game stay with the game, inside the gym or in the football bleachers. It is unsafe for them to be in and out in all different areas. If they are leaving the game early, please just text them when you get here or come inside to get them. Lately they have been playing basketball on the concourse or throwing the football around and I do not have the personnel after school to be in all areas. This also goes for students who are just getting picked up after school at any time. Thank you for your understanding.

Please check out all of the wonderful things below!

Eric Wernli



Monday, September 19:

School-Wide Fundraiser Continues

7:45 am Social Studies Academic UIL Coaching (B104)

7:45 am Spirit Club Mtg. (C206)

3:30 pm Math Academic UIL Coaching (C100)

3:30 pm Fashion Club Mtg. (D202)

Tuesday, September 20:

School-Wide Fundraiser Continues

7:30 am Dictionary Academic UIL Coaching (B203)

9:30 am Volunteer Orientation (PTA Room)

10:48 am - 12:56 pm Tech Tuesday

3:30 pm Storytelling Mtg.

3:30 pm Science Academic UIL Coaching (D100)

4:30 pm Football vs. Hill (7th Home and 8th @ Hill)

Wednesday, September 21:

School-Wide Fundraiser Continues

7:00 am FCA Meeting (Cafeteria)

7:45 am Wednesday Walkers (Track)

7:45 am Number Sense Academic UIL Coaching (B102)

Thursday, September 22:

School-Wide Fundraiser Continues

7:45 am Maps, Graphs and Charts Academic UIL Coaching (B103)

9:00 am - 2:00 pm PALs Training (NE Sports Facility)

3:30 pm Calculator Academic UIL Coaching (C100)

4:30 pm Volleyball vs. Bush (7th Home and 8th @ Bush )

5:45 pm Theatre Students to the Classic Theatre

Friday, September 23 - FLEX FRIDAY:

School-Wide Fundraiser Continues

7:45 am Spelling Academic UIL Coaching (D102)

7:45 am FCCLA Mtg. (D202)

7:45 am Student Council Mtg. (C206)

Saturday, September 24:

7th Grade Volleyball Tournament (Lopez)

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