Made by: Sydney, Jayla, Madi, and Tamia

History of the Protests

The protests began in late January 2011. The people want a democracy and change so they decide to protest for it. The government had the police and military help shut down the protest and refused to sign, as a result there will be a New Democratic election (2016).


As of right now there's a lot of air strikes that have killed 750 people so far and they're also hitting siuilans to reinstate Abd Rabbuh Mansui Hadi. Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi is the individual that is in charge of the government. Like said before there will be elections held on Tuesday, but there is only one candidate. The people believe that the candidate will help a lot with the change that they want. They are being really positive about it. The challenges that they are facing are running out of oil and water, also unemployment and a lack of education.

The International Community

The United States have been really strong with partnering with Yemen, they have a significant aid program directed at Yemen. AQAP is expanding across southern Yemen.
This is a conflict, the area gained its independence in early 20th century.