Class News

The Last School Week of 2015

Greetings Families!

We are fast approaching our last few school days of 2015 and we are planning a week-long “Holiday’s Around the World” unit to discuss different customs, cultures, and traditions from around the world. I would like to collect our students’ family traditions during the holiday season to include within our unit. If you could please answer the following questions with your child and return them to me no later than Wednesday, December 16, if not sooner, so we can spend Thursday and Friday discussing family traditions.

In addition to learning about various holidays and customs, students will continue to refine their multiplication skills. In particular, third grade is working with basic multiplication facts and using critical thinking skills to determine the missing factor in an equation (5 x ? = 35). This is a critical stepping stone for students to learn as we progress into division after the winter break. Fourth grade students are moving into more complex multiplication, double-digit x double digit (25 x 36). We will continue this after the break, as well. Please make sure that kids are working with multiplication flash cards at home to develop fluency. If students master their basic facts, they will have more confidence as they progress to more complex topics.

Within science, we will be having an introduction to electricity. We will be learning about insulators, conductors, and how circuits work. This will extend to after the holiday break.

Holiday/End of 2015 Class Celebration!

As we end 2015, we are planning to have a class celebration on Friday, 12-18-2015. As always, any class donations are appreciated. We have enough juice boxes; however, any snack donations would be happily accepted! (chips, cookies, fun-size candies). We will be making ornaments throughout the week, as we learn about different holiday customs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!