The United States Bill of Rights

Mr. Harris-6th Period-By: Jeraed Taylor and Josh Ciskowski

Opening Statement

Today We will be talking about the Bill of Rights. As well as how it affected the U.S.

The Cause of the Bill of Rights.

The citizens of America were tired of the monarchy, so the U.S. Constitution was put into play. The Constitution held many amendments that would state the rights that each human had. But, since the citizens didn't trust the government, the Bill of Rights was passed to guarantee that the amendments would always stay intact.

The Characteristics of the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights enforced the laws of the Constitution and were the first ten amendments of the Constitution. For example, the First Amendment stated that we are free to worship and speak however we wish. The second is the right to bear armed weapons. The sixth is the right to hold a jury either against or for someone. The tenth was the right that every man or woman was free and they cannot be held against their will legally. The Bill of Right was basically insurance to make sure these amendments didn't fade away at any given time.

The Significance of the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights basically limits the government, preventing it from gaining too much power and reverting back to a monarchy. In fact, if the Bill of Rights hadn't been admitted, the Constitution wouldn't have taken place as a whole.

In order to get the Bill of Rights changed, there has a to be much more than just a majority vote.


The Bill of Rights limited the government and guaranteed that the Constitution's amendments would not dissipate.