Cowboys and cattle trails

Millie Ellis

The trails listed on the map is the cattle trails. They had to follow all of these trails to get to the northern and eastern states. Cattle's are some of the most valuable farm animals. Why are cattle's so important? Well thats were people got there meat and cowboys brought there meat to northern states for the money they could make 40-50 dollars
Most cattles are raised in texas there were there because some people couldnt take care of the cattle and toke it to texas and got 5-10 dollars

questions and answers

Why did cattle ranchers want to get the cattle to the eastern and northen states ? because the northen states and eastern states hardly have meat and when they brought meat the bought it fir 40-50 dollars

What is a cattle drive? taking cows and long horns places.

What was it like to be like a cowboy? Hard because they had to remember the routes and had to control the cattle. Why was it a goodjob to be a cowboy after slavery? Because when they sold a cattle they got 40-50