LV Technology

Sam Brudnicki

Typing Web

1. Typing Web is a fun learning experience.

2. It's a skill that is needed once you get up to the higher grades.

3.Typing Web is a really fun typing course

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1. In iTrailer you get to use your ipad and create a trailer.

2. You can change the style of the trailer and the theme of it.

3. It really shows some of the skills that you can learn with just little time.

Career Locker

1. In career Locker you can find out your dream job.

2. You can look for colleges that you may want to go to.

3. Also you will make a little presentation for your dream job

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Haiku Deck

1. In Haiku Deck your going to make presentations about your dream job.

2. You can make the background different and you can change the color of too.

3. Changing the format is also a possibility.

Explain Everything

1. In this app you are doing to do a little presentation for the teacher.

2. She's going to give you 10 math problems from easy to hard.

3. Then your going to make a video of you doing it.

Hour of Code

1. In Hour of Code you will learn how to program computers.

2. It will teach how to make games.

3. And it will teach you how to make things pop up on the screen.

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Email Etiquette

1. This will teach you how to write a proper email.

2. There will be a list of email to write about.

3. You will send a short letter to the teacher with proper etiquette.

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