Filippo Brunelleschi

By Nick Mirabile


Filippo Brunellschi was born in Florence in 1377. He spent most of his life in Flourence, but took pilgrimages to places, such as Rome, to study ancient architecture. Brunelleschi was trained as a goldsmith, and spent most of his life designing buildings, such as the Flourentine chapel, the Pazzi Chapel, and the Santo Spirito, where he was patroned by the Medicis.

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The Flourence Cathedral

Brunelleschi started to construct the dome in 1418 with the help of Lorenzo Ghiberti, though construction of the building started in 1294 in Florence. It is so significant because this is the first time a dome has been used since ancient rome, and did not even use concrete used in the Pantheon. This Building is an example of classicism because it is going back to the designs in the ancient world,

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