The town of dreams

By Meghan McEntee


Some people say that Plymouth is only one of the first colonies but there is even more than that. Plymouth is about how people have to work together, and having a helping hand from others. Establishing Plymouth is a big thing because it made them more use to the town and the landscape. Plymouth was very religious so church was important. The schools taught how to read because of the Bible, and the town ran on the Bible too. Making friends with the indians kept the town of Plymouth from going to dust. Plymouth had to be established so that they could be free from the king of England. When they could make a church and friends but those are very important things too.


Establishing Plymouth

Read about the growing of Plymouth, building, and succeeding of an important town. Plymouth grew from one ship coming in November of 1621 and two other ships in July 1623 carrying 90 people. Plymouth succeeded because of help by England and indians . England sent supplies and indians taught their way of planting crops and surviving. the building of the town was important because they needed a meting house and stores so they could get goods from England and trade with indians. As you can see the town of Plymouth needed these to succeed.

The Church

You know about church now only one or two hours well the people of Plymouth had to go for the whole day and not do anything but listen. Back then they did not call it church but the meting house. The inside of the church was not like today they put babies in a cage like box and sat on hard wooden chairs. what do they do you might ask well they did things you would do at a church till lunch. After that they come back and hear all of the bad things people did to get punished or if elders died. you can see that today and then was much different.

Making Friends

In this paragraph you will learn about how the indians helped the town of Plymouth from disappearing. the indians tough themselves about survival and living. They were there for much longer than the pilgrims. With help from indians Plymouth grew and grew from help the indians taught them how to make corn grow tall and taste good. They didn't just teach them how to grow corn but much more like pumpkin and squash they also thought them how to hunt. The indians played a big roll in the play of Plymouth.

The Town of Dreams is a Success

You have learned about three things that I thought were important. You have read about the establishing of Plymouth and how that effected the pilgrims. You also know that religion kept the town of on a good environment. Don't forget about the indians and how they helped in the town. The town of dreams was not just a place but a home for many people.