Park View Newsletter

Mrs. Wallerstedt 10/23/2020

Park View Families,

We are now in full swing and just completed our first week in the hybrid schedule (Mon/Tues A-K AND Thurs/Fri L-Z). The students are happy to be back and like I mentioned before, are taking the changes in stride. I want to thank so many of you for preparing your child(ren) each day for school whether they are learning remote, or in-person. Here are a few more things you should know to help your child(ren) be successful while learning this way:

1. All "Synchronous" learning (learning done together with both in-person and remote students at the same time) is important for students to attend and to complete the work assigned.

2. All "Asynchronous" learning (in-person students are with the teacher and remote students are working on an independent activity) is important. Engagement in and completion of assigned work is required and expected. Remote - independent activities are the foundational steps to master learning. Without participation and completion, students could end up with holes in their learning causing future learning challenges that can affect self-esteem as a learner.

3. Participation on Wednesdays (all students remote) for Art, Music, PE and completing additional work, listed on the class daily lesson page, is required and part of building that solid learning foundation. Missing instruction on Wednesdays affects attendance negatively so please be sure your child(ren) is/are attending school on this day and completing ALL activities on the class lesson plan.

4. Most importantly - students have lost instructional time during this pandemic. We are working very hard to prioritize instruction, which is critical for future learning. Students need to be present and engaged in their google meets and assignments at home on their remote days consistently. Students also need to be present on in-person days. Please prioritize your child(ren)'s instructional time in school by not staying home when healthy, or going on vacations because we just don't know what the future will bring. Being a part of school right now is crucial. Please partner with us in your child(ren)'s education. We CAN do this together!!! I have great confidence in our Panthers so let's give them every opportunity to get back on track in their learning. THANK YOU!!

Attendance - In Person / Attendance - Remote

As we settle into our hybrid schedule our attendance will begin moving back to our more traditional procedures and expectations. Important information about attendance is below, as we are now both in-person AND remote (hybrid):

1. A child is marked as absent if they do not show up to in-person learning on their scheduled


2. Please call your child in any day they are not going to be attending school whether they are in-

person or remote learning - The attendance line number is (630)827-4041.

3. Vacation days are unexcused absences.

4. To be considered present during remote days, a student must attend instruction with the teacher during the Google Meets class time. If there is a "special circumstance" preventing a student from being a part of the Synchronous learning instruction (all students learning together) in their Google Meets time, contact the teacher beforehand to work out a plan together.

Healthy = Hybrid

When in doubt - opt to stay out. Click on this flyer/Spanish Version to see how you can keep our hybrid learning model in place. Help keep Park View School a healthy environment so we can keep our in-person learning going. We will follow the 3 W's here at school. Families follow the Healthy = Hybrid plan at home and Panthers can continue to learn in school!! It's a WIN/WIN!!

Red Ribbon Week at Park View

Be Happy! Be Brave! Be Your Best Self!

Click here to see our flyer and participate in our Special Red Ribbon Days next week. It's fun to dress up and celebrate being our best selves by keeping healthy. Join in the fun! Everyday is a different theme.

Reflections 2020

Everyone -

It's time to participate in the National PTA Reflections Program. The theme this year, " I Matter Because . . . . . " This is a perfect way for your child(ren) to express why they matter using their own creativity (dance, film, literature, music, photography, visual arts). Everything you need to know about how to enter is right here in this flyer. I hope to see lots of Panthers submit reflection projects and represent Park View School!!

Park View Panthers!!

I Promise To Learn - Be Ready!

I Promise To Care About Myself And Others - Be Respectful!

I Promise To Do My Very Best - Be Responsible!