Gatsby's Gala

Come celebrate with us the coming of the New Year!

Be there!

The elegant bash of people from all over New York will definitely be a night to remember. People to come include Jonathan Brotherton, and the Crooks, and a woman named Agatha, whom I met at the juice joint, and Profesor Dean, who was in a terrible incident last year. And the Smiths and the Walter Gibsons and a whole posse named Chesters, who always sat at the bar and gossiped about everyone there. And the Clarks and the Jacobs, and Albert Watson, whose stomach, they say, grew over 5 inches one winter night for no reason. Barbra Johnson was from Manhattan. This will be her first time coming, she showed me her sparkly red dress that shined like the stars in the night sky. From the heart of the city coming are the Phillips and the Gills, and the Queens of Boston. Many more will attend but from which the list is way too long... You will have attend to see.

Gatsby's Gala

Wednesday, Dec. 31st, 9pm

Gatsby's House West Egg