LEΔD Institute Think Tank

Join the most innovative thinkers to develop LEΔD Institute

You are invited to join us for the formation of the LEΔD (Leadership, Empowerment, Activism and Development) Institute

This three day Institute will be held on Martin Luther King weekend in January of 2016. We specifically chose this weekend because we believe that bringing students together to focus on how they can be Change Agents in their lives and communities, combined with our service activities we are celebrating the spirit intended behind the creation of this important date.

We are gathering together the best thinkers and doers to design a three day Institute for students focusing on:

· Deepening their understanding of themselves

· Challenging their understanding of others

· Broadening their cultural competency

· Expanding their skills for presentation of self

As we think about the amazing list of professionals we know, your name came immediately to mind.

Our preliminary discussions have been dynamic and contagious, we can't wait to share that energy with you! At the same time, we know your time is precious so you can participate as much or as little as you are able and interested. We also know your time and expertise are beyond value. As this is a pilot program, the pay will depend on the number of participants and sponsors we get. Our hope is to connect many schools and businesses to this project by seeking sponsorship from small expenses such as banners to larger such as grants. We believe in this work and with our marketing strategies we will create a buzz around it and will add to your already impressive resumes being on the ground level of the creation of the Institute and serving as a faculty member.

Please join us for our think tank meeting for program design. At the very least you will spend time amongst some of our areas most innovative thinkers in student leadership.


Les Browder www.lesliebrowder.com

Jen Cort www.jencort.com

Ivy Gardner www.ivymgardner.com

Think Tank

Friday, April 10th, 5-7pm

3825 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC

This "Think Tank Meeting" will be held in the Tyler Rusch Conference Room of the Athletic Center. Food and drinks will be provided for our meeting.


5:00 Get to know the talent in the room

5:30 LEΔD program description and overview

6:00 Break into colleague groups for program design brainstorming

7:30 Next steps