Costa Rica


Famous people

im sure costa rica has many famous people that are from there but here is a few.

Harry shum sr. he is an actor and a singer also a dancer.he acts in the tv show Glee. he also plays in step up 2: the street, and Moms Night Out.

the second famous peron from costa rica is Ronald Lan Zani. he is an athelete runner and he has won many marathons and all kind of other runs. he ran in the boston marathon in 2013 when the boston bombing took place. he has also competed in the new york marahon and at one time he was on the olymppic team for costa rica.


The current population in Costa Rica is...

4,586,353 . 70.5 percent of costa ricas population is Roman Catholic, 44.9 percent practicing, 25.6 percent non practicing, 13.8 percent are evangilical protestants, and 11.8 percent does not have a religon. one interesting fact about Costa rica is one third of there countrys budget goes to education every year. less than 5 percent of there population speaks english and almost all of there population speaks spanish

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