Baja California Earthquake

April 4, 2010.


This earthquake, had a 7.2 magnitude. It started

at 26 KM south of Guadalupe Victoria, California in Mexico.

It occured at 3:40:41 pm PDT on Easter Sunday

(April 4,2010. It is said to have lasted about a minute

and a half and was rated VII (Very Strong)

Event Information

The pacific/North American boundaries were effected on the day the earthquake occured. Some of the effects from this earthquake were ridge-tranformation. Most of the major activity are north and south, and oriented right.There is also a common mechanism fault that is parallel to Elsinore and San Jacinto faults, that run north of the USA border. Two people were killed during this earthquake, and at least 233 people were injured in the Mexicali area. The pacific plate moved northwest, and principal plate boundary concided with the southeastern part of Lugana

Eruption History

Eathquakes having magintudes as high as 7 have been recorded from the section of the Pacific/North American plate. In 1893 there was an earthquake that occured along the Laguna Salada and associated with the event that was farther northwest. The 2010's events aftershock zone extends near the Gulf of California.

Within the transition from the ride-transform boundary in the Gulf of California to the continent boundary in the Salton Trough, faulting is complex.