Disney World

The Happiest Place On Earth!

All About Disney World!

In this AWESOME article you will learn all about Disney world the cool things there how to get there and places to stay there. So before you ever go there always read this so you know what is where and the things you get to do there so just sit back and enjoy!

Rides and Carnivals!

If you never went to Disney world then you would probably want to know about the cool rides and things that are there and that you can do! Well in this I will tell you the things there you will get to ride on something called the Barnstormer, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the little ones would probably love to go to Cinderella castle!

Cool Restaurants!

If you are wondering how many good foods there are over there well I will tell you there is a lot but these are the best places to eat Contempo Café, Cove Bar and the best is... Dawa Bar! So you might love to eat at those places!

People To See!

If you want to see some cool celebrities then here is the place to find them you can see Mickey Mouse Minnie mouse and lots of other characters so just make sure that you get to see the ones that you want to!

Places To Stay!

If you want to stay there for a day or two then these are the perfect places to stay Disney Contemporary Resorts and Disney Coronado spring resorts oh and remember you can always rent a house and they are not free! (Just Saying!)
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I hope you enjoyed this article and when you are going do not forget to read it!

Bye have fun when you go!

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