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27 March 2019


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This term, we have celebrated the many achievements of our students from Semester 2 2018. Please click on the links to see the full lists of award winners.

Certificates of Excellence

Certificates of Merit

Colours and Honours

We are proud of the efforts of all our students and congratulate all our award winners.

For your children

Mark Antulov



The community of Prendiville Catholic College has a Code of Conduct. This was sent to all parents two weeks ago. As a community, all stakeholders, staff, students, parents and even visitors to the school have an obligation to follow the Code of Conduct.

In 2017 the code was introduced to staff. From 2019, the code will be implemented with students and parents. A student focus group is currently being convened to work with us to communicate the Code with the student community.

This is the first of series of articles on what the Code of Conduct means for parents. In Term Two, a parent workshop will give parents the opportunity to study the Code of Conduct in detail.

Code Statement 1 – You act safely and competently

Some Guidelines

  • You are expected to put the safety of students ahead of every other relevant but secondary consideration.

  • In doing so, you are expected to act within the scope of your expertise and role within the school community.

  • You notify an appropriate person or the Principal of any information relevant to maintaining student safety and well-being, or any observation of questionable, unethical or unlawful behaviour, including breaches of this Code, and intervene to safeguard the student if the circumstances require it.

  • You ensure that any information you receive relevant to the safety and well-being of students is either acted upon by you in the best interests of the student if you are the relevant decision maker or passed to the relevant decision maker for them to act.

As a parent, you should always act in a way that does not put the safety of any members of the school community in danger. It also obliges you to report any such actions to the principal of their representatives.

Some practical examples include but are not restricted to:

  • Disclosing any information about a student to the school. This may include issues pertaining to health or behaviour.

  • Reporting the behaviour of any member of the community who acts in such a way to endanger the safety of any member of the community. On a practical level, it may mean driving carefully in the car park.


Student, Parent & Teacher Conferences (Parent-Teacher Interviews) will be conducted on Tuesday 30 April from 1.00pm – 7.00pm. Parental presence in the College enhances student learning and promotes understanding between home and school. The richness of this conversation is enhanced if the student is part of this conversation and as such students are expected to attend. This day is a pupil free day with Term 2 commencing on Wednesday 1 May.

Bookings are made through the online system called Parent Teacher Online (PTO). The PTO booking system initially opens on Monday 8 April for only the parents of students for whom staff have specifically requested an interview. You will receive an email if a teacher has requested an interview. On Thursday 11 April the system will open for the entire school community.

The College welcomes all parental contact, however, we do request that where one teacher has the same student for multiple subjects that parents book only one time slot. In addition, it is not always necessary for parents to meet with all of their child’s teachers. It is up to parent judgement as to which teachers they meet, though the College believes it imperative that appointments are made if a teacher has specifically requested an interview. Teachers who have had recent contact with parents may have chosen not to request an interview. Parents may however, still choose to make an appointment with these teachers.

Simon Kanakis
Vice Principal


If a child is either absent from school or collected from school during the day due to being unwell and they are going to miss an assessment, a medical certificate is required. To assist with this requirement, below is a list of pharmacies and medical centres that can assist. Please note, we do not recommend any particular business or service, this is simply a starting point for parents.

Local Medical Centres that are either open extended hours, bulk bill children and/or do not require appointments.

  • St John Urgent Care – Joondalup (Ph 9400 7000). Open extended hours, no appointment needed, bulk bills for all Medicare card holders

  • Craigie Medical Centre (Ph: 9308 3333). Open extended hours, no appointment needed, bulk bills for children 16 and younger

  • After Hours General Practitioner Clinic, Joondalup Hospital (Ph: 9400 9988). Open weekends and evenings until 11pm, no appointment needed, bulk bills for children 16 and younger and Healthcare Card holders

  • Ocean Reef Medical Centre (Ph: 9300 4599). Bulk bills for children 16 and younger

  • Prendiville Ave Medical Centre (Ph: 9300 8800). Bulk bills for children 16 and younger

After Hours Home Visit Services

Local Pharmacies that can issue medical certificates (Absence from Work Certificates). The cost of this service varies between pharmacies:

  • Belridge Centre Pharmacy
  • Currambine Pharmacy & Gifts
  • Joondalup Drive Pharmacy, Edgewater
  • Ocean Reef Pharmacy
  • SuperChem, Kinross
  • Terry White Chemart, Candlewood Village
  • Wizard Pharmacy Joondalup Central
  • Wizard Pharmacy Joondalup Upper Level

Other pharmacies can be found via the following website:

Fiona Leck
Deputy Principal


Current families, your applications are now due to be lodged for Year 7 2021. Please contact Kim Craig on email: if you still need to collect your Full Application Pack that is required to be completed.

Younger siblings are not automatic enrolments and applications must be completed to secure your place.

Kim Craig

College Registrar

9301 6206


Students and parents are reminded of the change to winter uniform for all students from the first day of Term 2. The College blazer is a compulsory item that must be worn to and from school until the end of Home Room each morning. Dresses that require alteration must be ready for the first day of term to sit neatly at the top of the knee. Please make sure you have all your winter uniform requirements as soon as possible. The Uniform Shop is open Tuesday - Friday 8.30am - 2pm.


Please note that all absentee, early departure and late arrival emails should only be directed to

Please do not email or send direqt messages to individual staff members. Links to the absentee email address can be found at the top of this newsletter and on the SEQTA Engage splash page.

A new fridge magnet with the College contact details was posted to families last week.

Please discard the black one sent last year as it has out of date information.


The Reef Break Café now have a news outlet on the Prendiville website. Please follow the link below for any menus, smart card information etc .

The Café team


Even missing Chris Hemsworth by one day didn’t stop the Year 12 ATAR Earth and Environmental Science students from having a THOR-bulous time on Rottnest Island last weekend.

Alternative sources for electrical energy is becoming more essential for our current day use. Rottnest is one of the leaders in renewable energy generation for its electricity requirements. It harnesses wind power and solar power to generate 45% of the islands electricity needs. An amazing feat considering it hosts about half a million visitors per year.

In addition to the energy supply, Rottnest does not require any fresh water supplies from Perth. It is able to produce all of its water needs using aquifers and bores found in Longreach Bay and the Wadjemup bore field. Fresh water supply is something our community needs to consider given increases in population driving demand as well as our drying climate limiting dam levels.

Rottnest is unique in its biodiversity, including the scientifically important salt lakes and of course, quokkas. The limestone coral reefs are fed by the warm waters of the Leeuwin current and are home to much of the island's marine life.

The island also gives us clues to past sea levels. The limestone reefs were built when ocean levels were about 3m higher than today. However, at one point, the coastline was 12km west of Rottnest, when the ocean was 130m below today’s level.

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In order to cover many of the points from the EES syllabus, the students, along with Mrs Georgiu, Mr Giannasi Jr and Mr Giannasi Sr enjoyed first hand experiences that Rottnest had to offer the ATAR course. This included:

  • Sustainability challenge – cycling various parts of the island to see the water management, bores, wind turbine and desalination plant.
  • Circumnavigating the island via speedboat (Eco-Express) to view the coastal ecosystems, where we were privileged to witness NZ fur seals, male sea lions, an osprey eagle and more.
  • Cycling to the salt lakes and snorkelling at The Basin to see evidence of past ocean levels.
  • A delightful trip on the Captain Hussey Train to Oliver Hill, via the solar farm.
  • Touring the coral reefs via the Sub Sea Explorer glass bottom boat.

Mrs Georgiu wishes to thank Mr Giannasi Jr for accompanying the group for the camp, including overnight, for his marine expertise, and for hauling the trailer behind his bike! Thanks also to Mr Giannasi Sr for accompanying the group on Saturday. Camps like these can’t be successful without teachers giving of their time and energy.

The Year 12 ATAR EES class were impeccable in how they represented the College and they were determined to learn as much as they could on this camp. They understood the significance of how a ‘field trip’ is able provide them with first-hand experience to apply to their WACE examination. Their maturity and willingness to learn made the trip an easy and enjoyable one for everyone.

Judy Georgiu

Year 12 EES Teacher


Year 9 Excursion to Herdsman’s Lake – 18th March 2019

On March 18th, all Year 9 students attended a field excursion to Herdsman Lake to see one of the major urban ecosystems in Perth as a part of their studies in Ecology. This first trip to the lake saw the the students involved in such activities as analysing the abiotic factors in the lake that included looking at such things as oxygen levels, nutrients and pH and then relating this to what is living in the lake and surrounds. From this, they investigated the plants and animals to see the interrelationships that exist so as to draw up food webs and chains. A special thanks to Mr Peter D’Amico who organised all details of the excursion and wrote up an extensive booklet on the ecology of the lake for the students to do.

Gerard Giannasi

Head of Science

Year 12 Psychology Zoo Excursion

On Tuesday 19 March, the Year 12 Psychology classes visited the zoo to hear expert information on Learning Theory and how it is applied to animal conditioning. The student viewed case studies of classical and operant conditioning and observational learning. The students explored how these techniques can be applied to behaviour modification in humans. Thank you to Mrs Storch for helping prepare the students in her class and Mrs Speed for attending and being our bus driver.

Margarita Tranquille

Year 12 Psychology Teacher

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Birds of Prey - Visual Art Incursion

Some feathered friends joined the Year 11 ATAR Visual Arts group this month for an unforgettable drawing workshop. Yvonne Sitko, the owner of the Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre, has been rehabilitating raptors since 2000 and visits our students each year with a variety of birds who are unable to be released back into the wild. The presentation is always a highlight for the Art students and is a unique way for them to gain insight into the role these animals play in our environment and to explore the Semester 1 theme, "Of the Animal". After seeing the range of excellent drawing work on display (including the work of Mr Tchan and Mr Nicholas), we're looking forward to showcasing the finished artworks at the end of the year.

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Car Spray Incursion

The Year 11 Certificate III in Visual Arts group participated in our annual Rally Car spray paint incursion on the 15th March. Local street artist Trevor Bly again facilitated the day, giving students an insight into the practical skills required to complete the painting activity. Kelvin Woods (father of Alyssa, Year 12) provided us with the blank canvas in the form of his 1966 Humber Super Snipe which he'll be driving in the Cancer Council Rally in May. It's Kelvin's seventh year participating and this year the Thunderbox Team will be driving from Perth to Sydney (via Uluru) to raise money for the charity. The Creative Arts Department would like to thank him for this excellent opportunity and we wish him luck for the drive. If anyone would like to contribute to his efforts, please follow the link below.

Thunderbox Team - Donate here

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The students had a great day, and I was thoroughly impressed with their final "Rainbow Paddle Pop" artwork. Congratulations to Ethan O'Hayon and Zara Martin who shared the Golden Can Award for their leadership and painting skills on the day.

Eamon Matthews

Head of Creative and Digital Arts


We left PCC on Thursday afternoon with 91 very excited Year 8 - 12 music students and travelled down to Fairbridge Village (Pinjarra). It was a hard slog especially rehearsing during Thursday & Friday's high humidity but there was much laughter and we achieved so much. We returned to Prendiville at 5pm Saturday with many students saying it was the best music camp yet. Needless to say, we have phenomenal music colleagues, students & parental support - something we do not take for granted - and we look forward to showing you our music achievements later in the year.

Thank you to all our camp staff and helpers:

Andrew Hislop, Vicky Stewart, Sue Russell, Graeme Bell, Anne-Marie Duce, Warren Bracken (Concert Winds/Junior Winds director), David Hicks (accompanist for Prendiville choirs) and Mrs Annabelle Watson (registered nurse and PCC parent).

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ACC Swimming Carnival

Prendiville competed in the B Division ACC Swimming Carnival on Tuesday 26th March. The carnival was once again a very close competition between the nine schools. Prendiville students performed extremely well and did everything the coaches could have ask for. Students showed support for their team mates and sportsmanship towards other competitors.

There were many outstanding individual performances throughout the day. The following students placed in the top four in their age category:

  • Jessica De Jesus U13 Female- Equal 1st- - 39 points
  • Aiden Burgess U15 Male- 2nd - 41 points
  • Benjamin Hillen Open Male- 4th 27 points
  • Alyssa Burgess U17 Female 1st – 47 points

Alyssa Burgess broke the U17 50m Backstroke record and the U17 50m Butterfly record for ACC.

Both the Junior and Senior girls finished 3rd overall out of the 8 competing female schools.

Prendiville finished in 6th position and will remain in B division for 2020. All students should be extremely proud of themselves.

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CAS results and finals

Prendiville has had a fantastic CAS Summer Season. Although some schools are completing their final fixtures this week, it looks as though 10 out of the 13 teams will make finals in Week 9. All students have displayed a high level of pride when representing the College as well as sportsmanship to all other competitors. I congratulate all students involved for their hard work and commitment this term. Information regarding the finals and venues will be placed in the notices at the end of this week.

Interhouse Cross Country Carnival

The Interhouse Cross Country carnival will be held on Friday 5th April. This will commence from the Hussey Oval at 3.30pm. All students are invited to participate in the event and will receive a sausage sizzle at the completion of the race. This is a great community event and families are welcome to attend. The carpark entry off Constellation Drive will be closed from 3.45pm until the final student has completed the race. Students have all received information to sign up for the carnival and should refer to their direct message for instructions.

Sporting Excellence

Bailey Snelling

Bailey competed in the State Nipper Carnival at Scarborough Beach on 16th March. He competed in all events for the carnival. He placed 3rd in the Surf Teams event for U/13’s for the Sorrento Surf Club.

Emmerson Cheeseman

Emmerson competed in the Nipper State Championships and finished with some great results. Emmerson won a gold medal in the board rescue with her partner, a silver medal in the board relay with her team and a bronze medal.

Mindarie Marina Swim

Well done to Grace Lenaghan who finished 5th and Beth Lewis who finished 10th in the Mindarie Marina 2.5km swim.

Kieran Coyne

Kieran was selected for the ACC All Stars Cricket team in December last year. He was selected as the team’s Vice Captain and lead the team against the State School boys combined side. Well done on the selection and leadership Kieran. This is a fantastic achievement and you have been a strong representative for Prendiville.

Zara and Leah Martin

Zara and Leah competed in the WA State Senior Lifesaving Championships. Leah won a gold medal in the board race, a silver medal in the Iron woman and a silver medal in the 2km beach run. Zara won three silver medals and one bronze medal in her team events. The girls also competed in the Rottnest Swim this year and came second in their age group category. What a fantastic year so far in competition for the Martins.

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Prendiville Catholic College 2019 Careers Expo

Tuesday 30th April, 2019

2.00pm – 5.00pm

At the Careers Expo WA University and Training Provider Professionals come together to answer questions and hand out vital information to help put your young person’s career journey on track. Parents, this is the perfect opportunity to get some relevant and current career information for students in Years 10 to 12. Please save the date.

For more Careers information, please click here.


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Your support really helps our school, so we’re thrilled to let you know about special bonus Early Bird Entertainment Membership Offers for loyal supporters.

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Prendiville Catholic College

Jackie Gill


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The April School Holiday Program offers students comprehensive subject revision and prepares students for their first semester exams. Courses will be conducted at:

Week One - Monday 15 April to Thursday 18 April

Christ Church Grammar School

Week Two - Tuesday 23 April to Friday 26 April

Hale School and Mindarie Senior College

*Discount of 20% per subject for Christ Church Grammar and Hale School Programs*

For further information contact Dr. Robert Hallam at Master Mind Australia on 9486 1377

Or visit

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Monday 1 April - Year 7 Science Night

Friday 5 April - Interhouse Cross Country

Friday 12 April - Prendiville Day

Friday 12 April - Last day of Term 1

Monday 29 April - Pupil free day

Tuesday 30 April - Parent - Teacher Interviews, 12pm - 7pm, Gym

Wednesday 1 May - Term 2 commences

Thursday 2 May - School Photo Day

Every Friday - Mass, 8am, Chapel


St Simon Peter Parish, Ocean Reef

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am, 10am and 5pm

Our Lady of the Mission Parish, Whitfords

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 8am, 9.30am, 11am and 5.45pm

St Andrews Parish, Clarkson

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 5.30pm

St Luke's Parish, Woodvale

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 8am and 9.30am

St Anthony's Parish, Wanneroo

Sat - 6.30pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am and 6pm

All Saint's Parish, Greenwood

Sat - 6pm, Sun - 7.30am, 9am, 10.30am and 5.30pm

St John Paul II Catholic Primary School, Banksia Grove

Mon to Sat - 8am, Sat - 6pm, Sun - 9.30am


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Check out the latest alumni news:

A Special Invite for Our Valued Alumni (and Friends)

How about a chance to come back to Prendiville with your bub, infants, preschoolers? Well, we will be inviting you to come, see a movie, chat your heads off, rock you little ones in your lap, eat popcorn, have a cuppa; we don’t mind it would be just fun to have you back. Bring friends, assistant helpers (parents and or grandies). We will set a date for Term 2. Look out for it.

Join the online conversation soon.


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The Simplicity of B2me ...... click on the fun Youtube demonstration.

B2me / The Hub ...... Give Away

Part of the B2me experience in collaboration with The Hub is the Give-Away aspect. You've got to be in it to win it so go for it !!

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Is this on your 'must get around to doing' list? “I must capture the memories of my grandparents or mum or dad or even a long lost aunt or uncle one day”; is what we here at The Hub are talking about.

The Hub offers that opportunity now using the facilities (green screen and sound mixing) at the College for you to do just that.The Hub offers this service @ half the rate of other studios. Contact us here at The Hub and we’ll assist you to grab those memories before it’s all too late! or

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