We All Write

First Grade Writer's Workshop

Read Like a Writer

Good writer's use sensory details to invite readers into the story. Allow your language to show the readers the experience instead of just telling.

What are Sensory Details?

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Let's Practice Reading Like a Writer!!

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Did Jane Yolen invite you in?

  • What words helped you see what the little boy saw?
  • What words helped you hear what the little boy heard?
  • What words helped you feel what the little boy felt?
Tawny Owl in The Wild

Let's Work Together!!

Reading the story about the boy and his grandfather going owling reminds me of a time when my grandfather took me hunting! I think I'll write about that!
Rainbow Falls Trail - Wild Deer in the Great Smoky Mountains - Canon 7D

Now It's Your Turn!

Write about an adventure you have had...

Next Step...

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Good writer's revise their work to make sure it sounds exciting to the reader and says what the writer wants to say.

We will discuss the choices you made in our next Writer's Workshop

After we Revise...

Editing is when writer's check their work to make sure it looks clean and neat. Good writer's check for correct capital letters and punctuation.

What have you learned about capital letters and punctuation?

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Share!!! Don't Forget this Important Step!!!!

When writer's feel like they have revised and edited to get their work the way they wanted it to look and sound, they PUBLISH or Share their writing with others! There are many ways you can share your writing...
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Don't Forget to Seesaw!!

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