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New Season. New Classes. New Teachers. New Tours

Spring is all about transition, and it's been no different for us here at HQ. it seems like all winter long we've been researching and negotiating, dreaming and designing... and It is with much pride that today, I can finally announce the unveiling of our own transition.

What was once Nantucket SUP Yoga has transformed into PADDLE NANTUCKET! From our humble beginnings with 6 boards and one-instructor, we've grown into a 12-board, 6-teacher SUP Yoga and Paddle Fitness school, devoted to one mission: to get you out on the water.

We have so much more to offer you this year. Wether it's a weekly SUP yoga classes taught by one of our 6 certified yoga teachers, private paddle instruction, the incredible workout of our trademarked PaddleFit classes or a Full Moon harbor tour, we are confident we have something for everyone.

Shy about paddling but looking for some meditative time of the water? Let us suggest you try Erin Bartolome's Fluid Restoration. Looking for maybe just a little more flow, but not sure how it'll all work out on a board? Try Evie O'Connor's Fluid Basics. Seasoned yoga teacher and water woman, Ieva Aldins will bring her traditional Sivananda style to the board in her Fluid Flow classes, and Caitlin will keep your training schedule on track with PaddleFit's Intro to SUP Fitness class.

We urge you to be adventurous. Try a few different classes until you can put your finger on the right teacher and class combination that inspires you and get's you excited to be out on the water.


SUP Yoga classes:

  • Fluid Meditation
  • Fluid Restoration
  • Fluid Basics
  • Fluid Flow

Paddle classes:

  • PaddleFit Basics
  • PaddleFit Tech 1
  • Intro to SUP Fitness

Paddle Tours:

  • Nantucket Harbor Tour
  • Full Moon Paddle
  • Easy Street Ice Cream Paddle

And of course, our entire staff is also available for private SUP Yoga and paddle instruction.

Want more class, tour or teacher details? Check out our BRAND NEW WEBSITE, designed by the talented Amber Hinds of Au Coeur Design.

At Paddle Nantucket, we're all about spreading the stoke.

Paddles Up!

~The Paddle Nantucket Team

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Our ALL NEW Lotus SUP boards by Glide

Are all paddle boards made equal? The answer: is absolutely no.

Yes, you can do a downward facing dog on pretty much any kind of stand-up paddle board, but can you do a headstand? I would wager that if you can do one in the studio, Glide and I can help you do one on the water...

Still not convinced?

Let me invite you to come play on the water this summer, and try my new boards.

Over the last year, I've spent a good deal of time paddling both leisurely and competitively and practicing yoga on all kinds of SUP boards including SIC, Bark, Riviera, NSP, and Boga to name a few. Many were fun, some more than others. But after a while, I came to the conclusion that one board in particular is superior to all the others when it comes to the stability you need for a fluid yoga practice: the Glide Lotus.

That's why this year, I've replaced ALL the boards I opened last season with, and am now stocked exclusively with the Lotus. Not only are they beautiful and eye-catching, these 10 foot, 35" wide works of art will support even the most novice yogi on the water.

So maybe you still don't want to try a headstand. No problem!

Join me for a Fluid Basics or Fluid Meditation, a sunset paddle to the Easy Street Boat Basin, or an athletic distance paddle around the harbor loop.

This year we'll have paddle fitness and yoga classes that will accommodate students with a wide variety of interests and needs.

Dare yourself to take a chance.

Tap into your adventurous side.

Come join me on the water.



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Saturday, June 6th, 10am

99 Washington Street Extension

Nantucket, MA

Preview classes start this weekend and a full schedule will resume again June 15th. To register for class you must create an account with MindBody here. Students are required to register ahead of time, no drop-in students will be accommodated and no business transactions happen at the launch location. Classes are weather dependent and can be canceled up to one hour before their scheduled time.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.