Facinating Frogs

Cool Facts About Frogs

What Are Frogs?

Frogs are amphibians, which means they are cold blooded animals and their bodies get hotter or colder with the temperature of their surroundings. Frogs have large hind legs that help them leap. Also, their hind legs have claws that help them did into the soft mud at the bottom of a pond or lake when they hibernate. The frogs stay under the mud at the bottom of the pond or lake until Winter is gone and Spring arrives. After hibernating they begin their daily frog life.

Where Do Frogs Live?

Frogs live pretty much anywhere there is a pond or two. They can also be found in rainforests where it is wet and moist. They can be found near a pond or lake, on the rainforest floors, on a tall tree branch, and even in a puddle after it has rained. Frogs can be found in every continent except Antarctica, because it is way too cold for a cold blooded animal to live where they can freeze to death.

How Are Tadpoles Born?

When the female frog is ready to lay her eggs, she answers the male frog's important call which is made with their vocal sacs that makes the noise. When they find each other the male frog climbs on the females back and waits until she is done laying her eggs. After the female frog is done laying her eggs, the male frog fertilizes the clump of eggs.A clump of eggs contains thousands of eggs that are covered with jelly-like goo that can stick to a lot of things. The eggs are commonly layed on water or in a very damp place.

How Do Tadpoles Grow?

When the frog eggs hatch, they look somewhat like fish. Then they grow hind legs, and front legs through their, and grow lungs. When they are done with all those stages their tail they used to have gets smaller and smaller, then they are an adult frog.

What Do Frogs Eat?

Fogs eat mostly flies and other insects. They also eat junebugs, crickets, butterflies, and locusts if they are tired of eating flies. If they are bigger frogs, they can eat bigger animals like worms, snails, crabs, turtles and some of the smaller frogs. The African bullfrog eats mice, rats, birds, and snakes.

Can Frogs Kill you?

Yes, the poison dart frogs are the most deadliest frogs on Earth. One poison dart frog contains enough poison to kill ten thousand mice. To get poisoned by one, all you have to do is touch them once. The poison is in the frog's skin, once the poison gets in your skin you can have a heartattack and die. Sometimes, people in South America kill the Golden poison dart frogs by making dart guns and shooting them.