News from Ms. Maher's Class!

Read all about everything going on in first grade! 2-14-14


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Back to a regular schedule!

Finally after finishing quarter two, a week with Katie McKy and Valentine's Day now over, we finally can get back to a regular schedule. We still have a lot of learning to do. Please help support your children from home by talking to them about appropriate school behavior and helping them be more respectful, responsible, and safe Suamico Panthers.

Guided Reading

It is SO IMPORTANT that you are reading their guided reading book at night. I have been hearing more often from the kids that they didn't read the night before, but it is SO CRUCIAL to their development and fluency. Thank you for helping with your child's success! Help your child to remember and be responsible for putting their book bags in their backpack. It is so hard to teach them without their books. Very rarely do we have extra copies of the book.

Also please check for any guided reading books at home - I am missing a few!

Ms. Maher's Wish list!

Thank you to all the families who have graciously donated to our classroom. Your contributions are helping our learning each and every day!

Our current needs include:

Fun colored duct tape!

Water bottle caps / gatorade caps with no words on top


If you are able to help us at this time, please contact me at or through the contact form on our class Weebly!


"Making Choices" Color Chart!

I had some parents contacted me asking for what the colors mean on out color chart.

Purple: Role Model (highest possible color)

Blue: Outstanding (above normal)

Green: Ready to Learn (Following classroom expectations for conduct and learning)

Yellow: Think About It (Not making the best choices/frequent reminders)

Orange: Make Better Choices (Consistent reminders)

Red: Not First Grade Behavior and Parent Contact (Lowest Possible color)