IR Project GP3

My prompt for the project is ask a question about the reading and explain why you are wondering about that question and why it is important to the story. In the book Dumbest Idea Every I had some questions for the book. Question one, is the main character in the book a boy or a girl? This book is written in first person view but it does not tell you if the person who is telling the story is a boy or a girl. Question two, why is most of the sitting in the book take place in school? If the person how is telling the story told us more the main characters house then we will know more of what his family is like. Last question is how did he not get in to summer school? He said that he is not doing well on homework and maybe he needs to go to the summer school to get better at homework. All and all, the prompt for this project is is ask a question and explain the reading.
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