Nigeria Crisis

By: Katie Broyer

How Terrorism Causes Conflict in Nigeria?

Boko Haram has taken over Nigeria. Police stations and other government buildings were demolished. The group attacked policeman, politicians, civilians, and anyone who disagreed with the group. Even supporters of Boko Haram lost their lives in the fight. The government needs to take the country out of chronic poverty to decrease Boko Haram's activity.

How The Oil Industry Influences Nigeria?

There are positive and negative effects of the oil industry for Nigeria. The government of Nigeria relies on the fossil fuels.

Issues with human rights standards and environmental standards are effecting the public health for Nigeria.

The government is cracking down on protesters.


  • Third most terrorized country in the world.
  • Boko Haram is the biggest threat for Nigeria, kills more than ISIS.
  • Spreads the states of Borno.
  • Spreads the Islamic law.


Christianity: 48.2 percent.

Islam: 50.4 percent.

Niger Delta

  • Tensions over oil industries and ownership.
  • Ogoni.
  • Piracy and kidnappings.
  • Human rights abuses.
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