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I'm so excited for you and this new journey you're embarking on of changing the way you look at your families health and well being! Using these amazing gifts of the earth, I have found myself so empowered with regards to my families health! Hopefully your oils have arrived and you are opening those bottles and already putting them to good use! I can't wait to hear your testimonials on how they change your life!

Some folks join dōTERRA just to get the wonderful wholesale discount; others join and soon discover the opportunity to share and get their oils for free or create a source of income for themselves and their families. It doesn't matter why you joined though, what matters is you are now a part of this amazing community of people that are excited and happy to walk this journey with you every step of the way.

Below you will find some basic info to help get you started! Be sure to KEEP this email for future reference in regards to your specific account information!

Membership Account Information

You can now shop, order your oils, set up and manage your LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) and view your account all from your own virtual office. Follow the link below and enter your member ID and password and you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips! If you enrolled yourself, your member ID is your Wellness Advocate number and your password is the one you chose when you enrolled. If I enrolled for you, your member ID and password are included so be sure to keep this email for your references!




Your free website to share with curious friends is: www.mydoterra.com/

If you ever need to get a hold of dōTERRA's member services you can call 1-800-411-8151

So Where Do I Start?

4 Key Steps to Kick Off Your Journey

First thing to remember: don't be overwhelmed with trying to learn everything at once. This is a JOURNEY, so approach it one step at a time!

1) LIVE with the oils. Things you would ordinarily go to your medicine cabinet for, try your oils first! You'll be amazed at the range of use you get from one bottle of oil and how effective an oil can be for an ailment vs. many things you find over the counter and for pennies a drop!

2) USE your Modern Essentials book!! This was one of the first things I invested in after purchasing my oils! This book has become and is still my go to when I have questions. If you don't have one, get one! Having oils without a good reference book is like having ingredients to make a cake but no recipe. Leave it in a central location and use it to look up any health or medical issue that may come up to see what oils work best for what. This is a super way to begin learning about what oils can do what. This book also has great info in the front half about what oils are and why they work along with the chemistry breakdown for those that have a brain for science. If you don't have one, you can go to Amazon or Aroma Tools to purchase one. There are several editions and the most recent editions do not have the blend names anymore. If you purchase anything higher than the 6th edition, just use an oil sticker next to the blend to remind yourself what oil it corresponds to.

3) EDUCATE yourself by utilizing the other resources that are readily available to us! We are lucky to have so much great information available to us for free! This is one of the main reasons I love dōTERRA! You're not just buying their high quality oils, You also receive a HUGE network of people and information that comes right along with it....you just can't get that off of a store shelf. *SEE WEBSITES BELOW*

4) COMMUNITY!! Make sure you join our online dōTERRA communities! This is a GREAT way to ask questions, get advice, see what kind of classes are popping up online and in your area. You will be connected to thousands of other individuals who are on the same wellness journey as well as many others who are likeminded to help support you! Below are two Facebook groups you may want to take notice of. Just click and request to join. If for any reason your request has not been approved, please let me know and I will have it approved as soon as possible!

Want to Learn more? Helpful links and websites

dōTERRA University


Please watch these videos to learn all you need to know about your back office. This will walk you through on how to shop smart: Using the LRP program and so many more features! Just click through the tabs and discover what is offered! This tool is brand new and so easy to use..all you have to do is watch! To find out more about LRP orders, click the tab SHOP. From there you will learn all about LRP!

Discover dōTERRA's Loyalty Reward Program

dōTERRA everyday


Your source for dōTERRA news, information, promotions, incentives and more.

Everything Essential


A great place to look up health concerns and see the recommended oils. Based off of the Modern Essentials book.

Aromatic Science


A great place for individuals in the medical field as well as individuals interested in the chemistry of essential oils! Tons of research here to help you share oils with skeptics of the quality and difference of dōTERRA!

dōTERRA Blog


A perfect place to check out different ways to use essential oils as well as diy recipes for stuff like body scrubs, bath salts, and using them while cooking.

Introducing doTERRA. Empowering You to Be Ready for Anything

I'm here to help you!

Please let me know if you have any further questions! I'm happy to help! If you find yourself sharing these oils and having folks come to you asking questions, the next step for you may be to host a class where I will come teach it for you. It's fun, laid back and easy! Keep me posted!