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Pranav D.

Paws To Read

About me

I enjoy reading books. My name is Pranav but I go by Peenav. I enjoy sports books. They are really fun to read because they usually have twists to them. 10 things about me as a reader: I like big books. Books are fun to read on school days. I like sports book. I like romantic books. I read for about 20 minutes. My fav books are Football Genius The big time. I go to the library once a week on free read Friday. I read when im bored. Books are fun for me.

My blog Entry

I am reading Perfect season right now It's a great book and is apart of the football genius series. I last read The Big Time. I read The Westing Game for our lit circle group. It was interesting but overall I found it confusing and hard to follow.
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My Quote

I chose this quote because I like big books. the bigger the better. Usually big books have more plot.

My interests and favorites

My favorite books are The big Time and Football Genius its apart of the Football Genius series and It's about Troy who can predict football plays. He is signed by the falcons but his greedy dad signs him with the Jets and leaves. It is up to him as quarterback to carry his team to the champion.
Careless Whisper (Saxophone Sheet Music)

Careless Whisper

I chose this song because whenever I like a book I get really into it. I cant stop thinking about it just like love. So this romantic song would really fit in. I could never forget the book its in my mind.
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Epic Reads

I would chose this as a good source to find books online for growing teens like me. It even has sports book category.