Oskar Schindler

The Savor

What he did?

Oskar Schindler was a business man who owns an enamelware factory. When the war began Oskar moved to Krakow the sell supplies to the German army. He ran the factory off of Jews in the Krakow ghetto. Oskar employed 1700 people at one point at the enamelware factory, about 1000 were Jewish. All the Jews in the Krakow ghetto were sent to concentration camps. Schindler did not agree with this so he wanted to house his workers in his factory. Schindler created a list with the names of all of his workers to get them into his factory. Schindler changed during the war. Before the war he was a full Nazi, but when he witnessed the killing in the camps and streets he changed. Schindler began saving the Jews, he spent all his money into rescuing Jews from the camps.